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Welcome Angelo Capossele to the IOTA Foundation

Angelo Capossele joins IOTA Foundation as a new Senior Research Scientist. He is interested in applied cryptography, Internet of Things, security and privacy and received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy, in 2014 and contributed to these research topics with several publications in scientific leading venues…
1 hour ago
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While the infrastructure components of the #paracosm platform is being developed, the basic principles of evolution, creation and operation of the game universes are implemented as part of the pilot project post #scriptum paracosm. #IOTA #Tangle #DevGAMM #Tangle #RPG
3 hours ago
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Angelo Capossele "I have a passion for creating and building innovative, secure, and most importantly, open and inclusive applications. I am also curious and keen to take risks when walking towards the unknown. I think #IOTA Foundation has done and is doing exactly this. [...]"
12 hours ago
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#IOTA Foundation: Welcome Angelo Capossele to the IOTA Foundation #miota