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Coming Soon: IRI 1.5.2

IRI 1.5.2 will include a couple of important bug fixes that will alleviate the long confirmation time and node responsiveness issues we have seen in recent weeks on mainnet. Announcement: We have setup a new official Twitter account for the latest IOTA engineering news and information, as well as Tangle status notifications.Follow it here:…
3 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
To demonstrate the incredible power of #IOTA and the #Tangle technology for self-governance, transparency and accountability, more and more of the IOTA #Ecosystem platform and Ecosystem Development Fund will be integrated into the Tangle!
7 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
The disruption of the automotive industry will be shaped by 3 factors: sustainability, urbanization & digitalization. @JohannJungwirth focused on autonomous systems that will become more capable of performing tasks. #IOTA #VW #Volkswagen #MaaS