with IOTA News you will get latest News about the cryptocurrency. Innovative, quantum-proof protocol, also known as Tangle, enables unique features such as no transaction costs, fast transactions, infinite scalability, secure data transfers, and more. As you read on the latest News, the technology initially focuses on serving as the backbone of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Read on IOTA News how to send an transaction, a user’s node must acknowledge two other transactions in the tangle (the network). To confirm this, simple POW must be done (simply put mathematical problems to be solved). POW can be used on all modern devices, including laptops and cell phones.

The proof-of-work should not be compared to proof-of-work in a blockchain system. POW is directly comparable to Hascash and has two functions: avoiding spam and Sybil attacks. If necessary, the POW can also be outsourced to, for example, servers.

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Read the latest IOTA News about the new and groundbreaking distributed ledger that uses no blockchain. Since each new transaction forces the sender to confirm two other transactions, more and more transactions are confirmed as the number of senders increases. This means that itscales proportionally with the number of transactions. Scalability is roughly illustrated in the following graph.

Read the latest News about the confirmation times of the transactions is inversely proportional to the number of transactions in Tangle. The more transactions, the faster each transaction is confirmed.

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39 minutes ago
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#Fujitsu is ready to demonstrate the #IOTA technology with a Live-Demo at the largest industrial fair in the world #HannoverMesse Industrie in #Germany tomorrow! @RolfWerner @Fujitsu_DE @hannover_messe @iotatoken @DomSchiener @DavidSonstebo
8 hours ago
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A #IOTA #snapshot is done to prevent the #Tangle from expanding too much in size. Snapshotting saves all the balances, while removing the history & data of all the transactions to start fresh. Next Snapshot: May 6, 2018! More &
9 hours ago
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The development of supporting #IOTA Tokens on the #LedgerWallet has progressed very far and IOTA will be able to be stored and managed on the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets. Follow us to stay tuned! #crypto #cryptocurrency #DLT #Tangle @iotatoken @DomSchiener @DavidSonstebo