1 hour ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
#IOTA’s distributed ledger can provide a greater level of efficiency in the management and tracking of #UN documents, supply chains and transactional payments in real-time, with access available to both #UNOPS and its partners! #DLT https://t.co/Jl2gNsRxes
3 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
#Bitpanda confirmed: MIOTA/EUR will be a trading pair available at the launch of the Bitpanda Global Exchange on August 7th! Click here to register ➡️ https://t.co/sSQKIhivkL ⬅️ #IOTA #IOTAstrong #crypto #cryptocurrency https://t.co/IHtykSfWlG
9 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
#IOTA showcase by #Fujitsu at the #Daimler EDM CAE Forum in #Stuttgart! Impressive setup with fully verifiable audit trail and digital twins setup! #industrie40 #DLT https://t.co/qjtP6qdXDd
13 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
Being focused entirely on #IoT, IOTA wants supplychain to be an important part of its application. A live demo of #IOTA and supply chain management was shown at the #Bosch Connected World Conference in #Berlin! #BCW18 @BoschSI
➡️ https://t.co/eVmufm2yR7 ⬅️ https://t.co/vljraFDfD1
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22 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
#news: We are excited to announce that IOTA co-founder Serguei Popov, Olivia Saa and Paulo Finardi’s research paper on “Equilibrium in the Tangle” has been published in the Elsevier's Computers & Industrial Engineering Journal. Download for free at: https://t.co/5EGVHthxUI
1 day ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
The #IOTA coffee machine is a simple demonstration how IOTA can be integrated into a device. It shows the relative ease and simple code that can be used to have basic functionality in a standard machine. ➡️ https://t.co/J1b6d3TgQy ⬅️

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