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2 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
Developers - To get going with #IOTA you don't need to download the whole Tangle or run your own node. You can interact with the public Mainnet or you can use the Devnet that IOTA setup for developers like you. The main way to communicate with the Tangles is via API calls. #DLT https://t.co/JDAsClsA5L
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14 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
#DLT provides new capabilities for improving driving safety and affordability, supporting autonomous and electric vehicle development and infrastructure, fostering ride and car-sharing applications, and connecting mobility participants in a new peer-to-peer ecosystem. #IOTA #MOBI https://t.co/y02g93RixI
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14 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
#RT @iotatoken: We are thrilled to announce that @BinanceAmerica has included us in its family of digital assets! For the first time, Americans have a dedicated (and easy) way to engage with and acquire the #IOTA Token. More Info: … https://t.co/OSKmLhX3dW
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14 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
Last call to get your #Ledger Nano X #ToTheMoon Edition! The #IOTA compatible Ledger Nano X is a Bluetooth enabled device that stores your private keys in a certified secure element. 🔒 Order before it's too late. Free worldwide shipping.
https://t.co/Wu0n5DOe4t #crypto 🚀🌔 https://t.co/5fNfFtHmME
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16 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
Environmental protection, product identity, security and trust with Deposy - "With #Deposy we want to redefine the value of avoiding plastic waste. Through the security of the system and the unique product identity, we want to create trust [...]"
https://t.co/0GiwSyXoJM #IOTA https://t.co/Pe20j0m5HF
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18 hours ago
IOTA News @iotatokennews
#RT @iotatoken: Developers community – Read now the update on the technical development work with +CityxChange that aims to enable #smartcities & check the expected roadmap for the remainder of the project! https://t.co/orLhE9jsRx
#IOTA @plusCities
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