New IOTA Website Released!

The new IOTA Website was released! A tidal wave of web traffic can overload the servers, so you might be interested in this impression:New Frontpage:

On the way to the industry blockchain standard

Ralf Rottmann, IOTA Foundation: "The aspect of royalty-free access is central, only in this way can a real M2M and Internet of Things economy be created in the medium term. From our point of view, transaction fees are a relic of centrally…

IOTA and Supply Chain

IOTA's advantage over other DLTs and blockchains can be summarized as being scalable, fast and free. Unlike public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, IOTA supports microtransactions. Along with the use cases like machine-to-machine…

What is the Tangle (IOTA)?

The IOTA protocol uses an underlying architecture called the Tangle to operate, this is similar to how Bitcoin utilizes a blockchain as its underlying architecture.The Tangle is a type of directed acyclic graph, or DAG, which must first…

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