IOTA – Fulfilling the Promise of Blockchain

In order to understand what sets a project apart from all the others in the DLT space, one must always start from what motivated the creators to come up with such a project in the first place. In the case of IOTA it was the realization that…

IOTA product development and management Update

Jakub Cech: To update you guys on what we've been up to. The last two weeks, we've been mainly working on code documentation. We've had quite a bit of debt on that side and wanted to do one sweep to address the most important parts of the…

When the car pays for itself

The lab lies hidden behind thick concrete walls, the path leads through gray security doors, past secure server rooms in Germany's largest corporate data center. Toan Nguyen, his access card in his hand, opens the door, goes in, the noisy…

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