Shimmer's Roadmap and Evolution

From EVM Compatibility to IOTA 2.0, Layer 1 Smart Contracts and BeyondTL;DR: Shimmer plays a critical role in advancing the IOTA ecosystem by being the first network where all major protocol upgrades get released, tested, and

LayerZero Integrates with ShimmerEVM

Bridging the Cross-Chain RealmsTL;DR: LayerZero is integrating with the Shimmer network. LayerZero is a protocol dedicated to solving interoperability, one of the most pressing issues in the blockchain world today. This integration

Rewards Bunny Joins Touchpoint

Onboard to DeFi Easily While Earning RewardsMany people are eager to enter the crypto space but lack an accessible entry point. Rewards Bunny, a crypto rewards platform, wants to solve this problem by making it easy for users to earn crypto…

Fireblocks Supports ShimmerEVM

Institutional Digital Asset Custody on ShimmerEVM Now Available With FireblocksTL;DR: Fireblocks has officially launched support for ShimmerEVM, the EVM-compatible network on Shimmer, the incentivized staging network of IOTA.

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