Embed<IOTA> update III

This is the 3rd update about running and maintaining a IOTA Wallet on micro controller boards. The general scope of the project you can here: Embed<IOTA>. All other parts of the update blog are linked here: Embed<IOTA> update I,…

Embed<IOTA> update II

This is the 2nd update about ongoing progress of running a IOTA Wallet on IoT devices. Please find the general vision and project description linked here: Embed<IOTA> and first part here: Embed<IOTA> update I.Previous update…

Embed<IOTA> update I

This is the first summary of the ongoing progress of running a IOTA Wallet on IoT devices. The general project description liked here: Embed<IOTA>First there was tinkering around with different MCU’s like STM32 Blue Pill, ESP8266…

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