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Tangling with the Automotive Industry

It wasn’t long ago that few people had heard of Elon Musk, fewer knew what Paypal was during its startup years, and even fewer thought that e-mobility could be a thing someday. Yet innovation has continued on. The world’s biggest industrial…

Upcoming Global Snapshot: 17th September

A global snapshot has been announced for Monday 17th September running from 10.00 UTC until 17.00 UTC. If you do not face any issues with database size you will be able to run your node as usual. This is because there will be no changes of…

IOTA’s Julie Maupin at the OECD

OECD, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, held their Blockchain Policy Forum on September 4 and 5. IOTA’s Director of social impact and public regulatory affairs Julie Maupin was part of a panel discussing…

New IOTA team appointments

Community has always been at the heart of IOTA, as evidenced by the most recent IOTA team hires.Recently the IOTA Foundation acknowledged that the success of IOTA is interdependent on the success of the newly revamped Ecosystem, which…

Trinity Desktop Beta Release

The Trinity Desktop wallet has been released as a beta version by the IOTA Foundation.Following on from the favourable release of the Trinity Mobile wallet, this new version has been optimised for desktop usage but retaining familiar…

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