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When the car pays for itself

The lab lies hidden behind thick concrete walls, the path leads through gray security doors, past secure server rooms in Germany's largest corporate data center. Toan Nguyen, his access card in his hand, opens the door, goes in, the noisy…

IOTA Trinity Desktop 0.4.1 is out!

To update open Trinity -> Check for updates or download at Release 0.4.1 changelog: - Update: Highlight receive address checksum - Update: Complete address tooltip on Send page address input -…

Regulating Cryptocurrencies in New Zealand

Introduction Many new technologies are treated with fear and suspicion. The first cars were limited to a speed of four miles per hour on public highways and two miles an hour in cities, towns and villages. A person was required to walk in…

IoT Member Spotlight – IOTA

Q: What is your name, and who do you work for? Jochen Renz, Advisor to the IOTA Foundation Q: What is your project/what are you working on? IOTA is a 3rd generation distributed ledger technology (DLT) that is built for the Internet of…

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