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The golden boy Dominik Schiener / IOTA

At 17, he earned his first half million. Today, Dominik Schiener is one of the most experienced Blockchain entrepreneurs at the age of 22 and causes a sensation with his digital currency.Dominik Schiener has arrived in the business…

IOTA / Dominik Schiener: Own Your Data!

Dominik, tell me about IOTA: What exactly are you doing and what problems is being solved by IOTA? Dominik Schiener: The goal of IOTA is the creation of a Machine Economy. We developed the company in 2015 because we realized that…

Prepare for the IOTA Snapshot

Prepare for the IOTA Snapshot Basically, without going into too much detail, a snapshot reduces the size it takes for nodes to save the entire Tangle (to disk). In the foreseeable future, this process will be automated. At the time…

IOTA network Snapshot on 28th January!

IOTA SNAPSHOT What is a IOTA snapshot? A IOTA snapshot is a process where all the transaction history gets reset. After the snapshot processing resumes and a new Tangle grows on this basic ledger. Until it grows so big that another…

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