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IOTA – Withstanding The Storm

Dear IOTA community, we have already seen it all. FUD, misinformation, smear campaigns as well as personal attacks on members of the IOTA Foundation and our community. It is not neccessary to name those persons, they are well-known…

[IOTA-Studios] Survey Results

Dear IOTA community,my survey has been online for 3 days and I want to give thanks to all 256 participants. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if we reach 100 at all…so I am more than satisfied, even though I had to upgrade the sevices…

IOTA Communitiy – Some Insights

Dear IOTA supporters and newcomers,There are many ways to enter the amazing IOTA community and benefit from its knowledge. You can participate via Discord Channel, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Youtube and others or you…

Introducing IOTA Studios

BackgroundDear IOTA community,I am a german student (master economics) and also a part-time worker in a logistics department. Sounds pretty boring and it really is. This is why I am always trying to realize one’s full potential by…

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