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The Alpha and the Omega in the crypto space

Group-dynamic processes as an explanatory approach Why is the FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) against IOTA so big? Is it at all, or is the FUD against IOTA overrated by the IOTA supporters? Which psychological processes can be used as…

carIOTA – Your Car data to IOTA Tangle

Get OBD CAN data: Arduino Yun is used to fetch a car sensor data from OBD-II port via OBD PIDs (On-Board Diagnostics Parameter IDs). User request a special PID to get the specific data from the vehicle and there are standard PIDs…

Introducing IOTA Palantír Messaging (IPM)

A Masked Authenticated Messaging experiment Very important ;-) One of the reasons why we started to look into IOTA for our project “Untangle Care” was Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM), which is a second layer data communication…

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