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#ICT IOTA Controlled agenT on Android

For some weeks now on the #ict channel of the IOTA Discord we have been experimenting with ICT and Raspberry PI or virtual machines with 512MB of RAM. Today we’ll see if it’s possible to install ICT on an Android phone (e.g. the phone with…

Bytes (alpha version): Debrief

Bytes — Alpha Version Debrief Further to the teaser we published in our telegram group, here is a full debrief of our progress developing Bytes, with a small demo, a compilation of lessons learnt and a prediction of what is to come next.…

From selfishness to cooperation

Why IOTA is the future model Today we live in a world of abundance, at least the Western oriented cultures. Without regard to the earth, animals, plants and even other people, resources are wasted. The ecological footprint is a nice way to…

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