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IOTA’s role in the Smart World

I was allowed to spend the last days at one oft the world largest energy fair. There I had a lot of discussions with exhibitors and service providers. One of the central theme at this fair was the Smart World. It has arrived everywhere…

The Tangle on FHIR

A decentralized patient monitoring approach — Setting the scene for FHIR, Dweb, IOTA and MAM Introduction The fragmented nature of healthcare (e.g. across hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, home, etc.) means that real-time access to patient…

IOTA — Singapore meetup Jan 2019

IOTA — Singapore meetup Jan 2019 IOTA Meetup was held on 30 January 2019 in Singapore with over 20 attendees to understand and discuss the novel DAG based TANGLE network solution for next level IOT use cases. The meetup was hosted by AKITA…

IOTA Entangled Update — Jan. 22

As the New Year begins it is a great time to plan the future of Entangled. First, what is Entangled? Entangled is a monorepo for all things Tangle that add functionality for operating IOTA in C/C++.If you would like to keep up to date…

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