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IOTA: Real-world use cases are coming

IOTA: Real-world use cases are coming First things first: I am not a member of the IOTA Foundation or in any way hired by them — I am just an IOTA supporter ;) While many people are waiting for announcements revealing the many rumored…

IOTA: How everyone can contribute

IOTA: How everyone can contribute 1. Developing Although IOTA has achieved tremendous success and partnerships other projects would pant for, it is still in its infancy: the product is not yet market-ready (which, by the way, is the goal…

IOTA: The new wallets (yes, plural!)

IOTA: The new wallets (yes, plural!) Admittedly, the current IOTA wallet is not one which is going to win a community prize for its posh-and-shiny beauty.The current IOTA wallet But as the developers have promised there is…

IOTA: Why the FUD makes sense

IOTA: Why the FUD makes sense Having done my research about IOTA (thank you for more than 100,000 views for my articles in the first three weeks of January by the way!) I think it is necessary to inform people out there about the FUD…

What happened last night on IOTA

Disclaimers first: I am not a member of the IOTA Foundation and I am not a computer forensics expert. Everything I write here, is my very own interpretation of the events. I am @ralf on Twitter if you want to get in touch.On January…

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