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IOTA: Why the new PoWbox is great

Today the IOTA Foundation published great news: Relaunching the PoWBox! #IOTA #POWBOX— @iotatoken So is this the new wallet? NO!Is this a big partnership? NO!Is it Q? NO!But still it is a very…

IOTA: What the DCI emails reveal

IOTA has received a lot of bad press so far because of the DCI allegations — if you are not familiar with this topic, you may read the summary here (see point 1).With Tangleblog’s disclosure of their email correspondence between IOTA…

IOTA: MAM Eloquently Explained

MAM, Masked Authenticated Message, is one of the most remarkable features of IOTA. Let us speculate the world full of small IoT devices, where their small jobs, flow of microscopic data, and nano-payments come and go all over the globe.…

IOTA: Signature And Validation

Address generation First of all, create Private Key from Seed.// length = security (1: light client, 2: wallet default, 3: exchange level) var key = function(seed, index, length) { ... return key; // private key }have your…

IOTA: Multisig Explained

Multisig Transferring large amount of money, especially the ones that involve exchange level of security, it is worrisome to have only one seed be solely responsible for the transfers. Multisignature is used to send secure transfers by…

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