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IOTA: The Foundation answers

IOTA: The Foundation answers Today, IOTA had some very interesting news for all the interested people:1. The AMA provided valuable new insights and informationDue to the high demand of interested yet doubtful people, the…

IOTA: The hardware part

IOTA: The hardware part Many people have invested in IOTA because it is a great software solution being adopted by big companies already due to its advantages in speed, scalability and feelessness. However, many people do not know about…

IOTA: The bigger picture

IOTA: The bigger picture IOTA has gained lots of interest over the last weeks. Consequently, many people stick to daytrading and are hoping for “another 20% within the next 48hrs”. Yet there is more to IOTA than some short-term gains and…

Why keeping your IOTA makes sense

Why keeping your IOTA makes sense Many people are asking themselves whether it makes sense to keep their once-bought IOTAs regarding all the stuff which you can find out there in the internet such as:Wallet is ugly / doesn’t…

Sharding the IOTA Tangle Effectively

The IOTA tangle is an incredibly innovative data structure which eliminates the need for expensive and/or centralizing PoW/PoS-based synchronization. However, there’s one pertaining problem with it: The IOTA Tangle is currently stored on…

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