Fujitsu opens Blockchain / DLT Innovation Center in Brussels – IOTA for Industry 4.0

Fujitsu opens Blockchain and DLT Innovation Center in Brussels. In Germany, Fujitsu deals with the use of Tangle-based solutions such as IOTA especially in connection with Industrie 4.0 applications.

At a glance:

  • New international center promotes concrete projects that use blockchain technology.
  • Fujitsu experts explore blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.
  • “Smart City” initiatives are the focus first.

Fujitsu has opened its first Blockchain Innovation Center in Europe in Brussels, Belgium. The center underscores Fujitsu’s commitment to blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. These new technologies are revolutionizing the way consumers and businesses buy, sell and distribute goods and services. The technology enables completely new business models that can be implemented in the services and manufacturing industries.

Customers and partners are already showing a growing interest in understanding blockchain technology and how it impacts its business models. This is not just about the disruption in financial services that has already begun, but also about other usage scenarios in a variety of industries. Blockchain technology can be used in many areas where Ledger-based protocols are needed. These include logistics, supply chains and public registers and functions such as land registers, identity documents and so-called “smart contracts”, which ensure the automated execution of contracts.
Smart Cities

One area of ​​expertise that Fujitsu focuses on in the Innovation Center is the use of blockchain technology to develop and implement Smart City services. The focus is not only on the technology itself, but also on other important aspects that affect the cities of the future, such as sociological and demographic factors, social organization, economic viability and environmental challenges. The Center will support the research, development and innovation of Brussels, as well as other cities, by promoting forward-looking projects by companies, research institutes and the non-profit sector.

In Germany too, Fujitsu is intensively involved with services, platforms and infrastructures related to distributed ledger technologies as well as the use of Tangle-based solutions such as IOTA, especially in connection with Industry 4.0 applications.

Frederik De Breuck, Presales and Business Assurance Director at Fujitsu Benelux
“We believe that blockchain technology plays a significant role in the development of smart cities. According to the National League of Cities, over half of the world’s population currently lives in urban areas. By 2050, this number is expected to rise to 66 percent. This trend is leading to new urban ecosystems with many challenges – from public safety to infrastructure, traffic and housing. Cities need to adapt to these developments and become smart cities that connect ITC technologies with infrastructures and architectures to solve social, economic and environmental challenges.

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