Crypto Wallet Ledger

Crypto Wallet Ledger


When you own crypto, what you really own is a private key that gives you access to your coins. You should be the only one in control of this key – and you need to keep it secure. A Ledger hardware wallet, combined with the Ledger Live app, is the best way to secure your funds. Your hardware wallet keeps your private key protected at all times in a certified secure chip. Nobody can access it except you.

Certified: Ledger wallets are the first and only hardware wallet on the market certified for their security by ANSSI, the French cyber security agency.

Secure chip: Ledger hardware wallets integrate a certified chip, designed to withstand sophisticated attacks. They can securely host cryptographic data like private keys.

Custom Operating System: Ledger wallets are the only hardware wallet to have their own custom OS (BOLOS) to protect against malicious attacks and isolate apps from each other.

Device integrity: Ledger designed a genuine check authentication process to ensure that your Ledger device hasn’t been tampered with or compromised by a third party.

One-stop-shop: Ledger hardware wallets come with the Ledger Live app. You can manage 1,800+ coins and tokens with the app, directly from your smartphone or desktop.

Trusted: Millions of people around the world trust Ledger with their crypto, both beginners and experts.

Using a Ledger hardware wallet gives you the freedom to manage your crypto on your own. With Ledger Live, you can buy, exchange and grow your crypto securely – in one app. The brilliant association of those two elements brings you the satisfaction of real ownership – in simple words, the Ledger ecosystem enables you to be the only one in charge of your money.