How can I buy iota in UK?

The United Kingdom government released a guideline called “Cryptoassets for individuals”. It provides information on what people have to watch out for how to buy iota in UK and taxing  cryptocurrencies.

coinbaseBitcoin and regulation: something is happening. For example, the United Kingdom government issued a statement on December 19 that taxed income from trading IOTA, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The government believes that most individuals hold IOTA, Bitcoin & Co. to make a profit. Ultimately, therefore, the capital gains tax will initially apply. The report says: “In the vast majority of cases, individuals hold crypto assets as a personal investment, typically to add value or to make certain purchases. They are required to pay capital gains tax when they sell their crypto assets. ”

According to the government, if they also mined cryptocurrencies or received bitcoin from their employer for certain services, income tax and insurance contributions would be incurred accordingly. When trading IOTA, Bitcoin & Co., the legislation is based on the existing regulations on securities. It goes on to say:

“Trading crypto assets is similar to trading stocks, securities and other financial products. Therefore, the approach to determining whether or not to trade will be similar, and existing case law on trading in stocks and shares can be used as a guide. ”

Ultimately, however, you have to decide on a case-by-case basis, since the authority cannot automatically assume that it is actually “trade”. This is not the case, for example, when switching from one cryptocurrency to another. Furthermore, one can also claim losses during trading in the tax return by setting up a corresponding cost calculation. The agency also recognizes that everyone is responsible for their own private keys. Nevertheless, you can assert this to the authority in the event of loss:

“If a person misplaces their private key (e.g. throws away the sheet of paper on which it is printed), they have no access to the crypto asset. The private key still exists as part of the cryptography, but is no longer known to the owner. The crypto assets also remain in the respective distributed ledger. This means that moving the key is not considered a sale in terms of capital gains tax. ”

As the blockchain revolution continues, more and more cryptocurrencies are moving into the public eye, not only because of their value as an alternative currency, but also because of the underlying technology that drives them. Calling IOTA a blockchain platform is not far from the truth, but it’s not very precise – the company has developed its own platform called Tangle, which powers the cryptocurrency.

The IOTA coin, which is now available for trading on eToro, is another interesting addition to the ever-growing selection of cryptocurrencies on the platform. With multiple uses as a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) and quite a bit of attention from the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, IOTA is an interesting trading and investment opportunity for some.

IOTA is very different from other cryptocurrencies. To highlight these differences, here are some key factors that differentiate it from Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency;

– Scalability: Bitcoin relies on a blockchain network that miners need to process transactions. These miners compete with each other to be the first to perform the necessary calculations to approve the transaction and the winner receives a small fee. With its tangle architecture, IOTA eliminates the need for miners by making each device responsible for processing its own transaction as well as the transaction that a device previously requested. This minimizes transaction times and speeds up the network as it grows.

– Microtransactions: Each bitcoin has a fairly high value, which can range up to several thousand dollars. Therefore, it is counterproductive to use it for transactions that require a small amount of money, as the transaction costs could exceed the price of the goods or services exchanged. In contrast, the value of a single IOTA is a fraction of a cent, making it easy to use for small transactions (as in the example of orange juice mentioned earlier). Those who wonder how to buy IOTA will find that the price of the IOTA coin is so insignificant that it is traded in millions (MIOTA).

– Quantum computing resistance: Although functional quantum computers do not yet exist, the scientific community largely agrees that they may be introduced – with a computing power that will be much greater than that of current computers. To date, no blockchain network has ever been hacked, but it is believed that a quantum computer could theoretically do this in the hands of defective actors. However, IOTA developers claim that they have designed their network to be much more resilient to such an attack.

Since IOTA is both a cryptocurrency and an IoT platform, the IOTA chart is subject to various factors that can move it in both directions. For example, if the entire crypto market is on an upward trend, this could also raise the IOTA price – and vice versa. On the other hand, if the market is in a downward trend because blockchain platforms are perceived negatively, this may have a positive impact on IOTA, as it is not a blockchain platform in the sense.

On the IoT front, industry-related developments, its adoption by a popular sector, or events specifically related to IOTA, such as a partnership with a reputable company, could affect its price. In addition, IOTA’s infrastructure is completely original and does not build on an earlier blockchain or cryptocurrency code. While this could be considered an advantage, it has also happened that criticism of the platform has affected IOTA’s price.

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