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Before we show you how to buy the cryptocurrency Shimmer, it’s important to have a basic understanding of IOTA. IOTA is a token and distributed ledger system originally designed for the Internet of Things. Its purpose is to facilitate low-resource, feeless machine-to-machine microtransactions. IOTA was introduced through a crowd sale in 2015, and it differs from traditional blockchains in that it uses a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) called the Tangle. The Tangle offers advantages over blockchains, such as the ability to process transactions in parallel, rather than being limited to predefined block intervals with restricted block space. Furthermore, users validate previous transactions when issuing their own, eliminating the need for energy-intensive mining and allowing for feeless transactions.

On September 28th, 2022, the Shimmer Network launched as a staging network for IOTA. It debuted with the Stardust Tokenisation Framework Protocol Upgrade, which transforms the Shimmer Network into a Tangle-based multi-asset ledger. This upgrade allows anyone to mint their own custom native tokens and NFTs without fees. Shimmer serves as a Layer 1 innovation network, functioning as a parallelized multi-chain settlement layer for EVM and Wasm-based smart contract chains. Its purpose is to establish a foundation for the growth of digital assets and customizable, interoperable token economies. Users and smart contract chains anchored to Shimmer can mint, manage, wrap, unwrap, and transact assets with other smart contract chains anchored to Shimmer, all without fees.

How to buy Shimmer

Europe’s leading crypto broker

Buy Shimmer on Bitpanda

Buying Shimmer on Europe’s leading retail broker for buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is easy, fast and secure. With a PSD2 payment service provider licence, state-of-the-art security and streamlined user experience, Bitpanda has grown into a popular trading platform.

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Buy Shimmer Bitpanda

Bitpanda GmbH is a fintech company based in Vienna, Austria, specialized in selling and buying Shimmer, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. It has quickly grown to become Europe’s leading retail broker for Shimmer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more with over 1,000,000 users. You can freely choose between SOFORT-Transfer, Visa / MasterCard, NETELLER, Skrill, GIROPAY / eps, Amazon voucher (payout only), euro wallet and bank transfer payment and payout options.

Bitpanda is all about ease of use. A one-tier verification process gives you access to an intuitive, fast and secure trading experience. The fully automated platform provides both new and experienced users with complete control over their portfolio, offering the simplest and fastest access to buying, selling, swapping or sending Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shimmer and other cryptocurrencies. Euro, Swiss Franc, British Pound Sterling and US Dollar support as well as a wide range of payment and payout providers offer you extra flexibility. To stay ahead of the curve, Bitpanda continuously improves existing products while expanding the scope to introduce new services.

Why you should choose Bitpanda

  • Easy and convenient
    Bitpanda provides new users with the easiest and fastest access to the world of Shimmer, Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrencies, while giving experienced users full control over their portfolio.
  • Buy and sell securely
    Bitpanda feels strongly about security. To ensure that everything is 100% safe, Bitpanda uses state-of-the-art technology and stores your funds in secure offline wallets.
  • Fast and reliable
    You can buy Shimmer, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to strong API-applications, high-end servers and a fully automated order system.
  • Multiple payment options
    You can choose between many payment and payout options, like credit card, NETELLER, Skrill, SOFORT-Transfer, GIROPAY, Sepa, Amazon and many more.

Signing up is quick and easy

  1. Sign up to Bitpanda
    Enter and confirm your email address to sign up.
  2. Finish the verification and deposit funds
    Easily get verified through a Bitpanda verification partner.
  3. Start buying and selling
    Log in to start buying or selling Shimmer.

Bitpanda believes in the innovative power of Shimmer, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, digitized assets and blockchain technology. The mission is to tear down the barriers to personal finance and bring traditional financial products into the 21st century. In case you are stuck, the Bitpanda Support is at your disposal at any time.

Shimmer Recovery Phrase

Your 24-word recovery phrase is the master key to your Shimmer tokens. You can use it to access your funds with the Firefly wallet on your desktop computer.

Warning: Be sure to carefully copy the 24 words in the exact same order as displayed when setting up your Firefly wallet. Also, it is important to store them in a safe place. There is no way to access your Shimmer tokens if your 24-word recovery phrase is lost or compromised.

1. You are your own bank


These technologies are in their infancy and are prime targets for hackers, so take the time to educate yourself before buying and securing your tokens.

2. The secret is secrecy

Buy IOTA PayPal

As is the case with all digital currencies, the security measures rely on the owner’s ability to protect the wallet seed.

3. Possession is ownership

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If the seed is compromised, forgotten or misplaced, there is no recourse. The Foundation has absolutely no ability to recover lost tokens or seeds.

Shimmer Wallet

Until now, Shimmer’s primary wallet has been Trinity. Trinity was Shimmer’s first stateful wallet, successfully making one-time signatures safe for human use. But Trinity, like the number system it owes its etymology to, will remain in Shimmer 1.0. The wallet for Shimmer 1.5 and beyond is called Firefly.

A production-ready version of Firefly was released for the Chrysalis migration on 21st April 2021. The migration process is simple. Whether before or after Chrysalis, all you will need to do is enter your Shimmer seed into the new Firefly wallet, and it will take care of everything else.

Firefly has been built with the future in mind . As the entry-point to Shimmer’s ecosystem, Firefly will integrate many of the upcoming features of the Shimmer protocol, from tokenized assets and dApp interaction to mana delegation and Identity. Firefly will also see new features that enhance Shimmer’s user experience as a payment protocol, such as a contact system and an accompanying browser extension.

  • Ease-of-use
    Firefly guides you through the complexities of crypto, protected and with ease.
  • Security
    Firefly uses cutting edge Stronghold technology, so you don’t have to think much about security.
  • Future proof
    Firefly has a modular design that makes it easy to add innovative new features later on.
  • Automated updates
    Download security and feature updates without ever leaving the app.
  • Network indicators
    Network indicators inform you on the current health of the Shimmer network.
  • Backup and security reminders
    Save your wallet setup – make sure you don’t lose anything.

Firefly is already very secure, offering industry-leading security features such as Stronghold to secure your funds. By using an additional hardware layer, your seed is stored within the hardware device, instead of Firefly, providing a secure layer of separation.

Ledger wallets are built with a distinctive operating system (OS) called BOLOS, which is integrated into a secure chip. The EAL5+ certified secure chip used in Ledger Hardware Wallets is the same one used for credit cards or passports. It is a tamper-resistant platform capable of securely hosting applications and data, in accordance with the rules and security requirements set by pre-authorized applications and people. Hacking a secure chip takes a formidable effort, while generic microcontrollers can easily be hacked by amateurs.


Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet!

The Ledger Nano X has a Bluetooth feature that easily and reliably connects through the Ledger Live Mobile app, which allows users to connect the device to their smartphone, providing increased mobility without sacrificing security. The Ledger Nano X can store up to 100 crypto assets like Shimmer, which is six times more capacity than the Ledger Nano S, and includes an improved interface with a larger screen.

As Ledger’s new signature product, the Ledger Nano X improves on the Ledger Nano S, the world’s most popular hardware wallet having sold over 1.4 million units, with enhanced state-of-the-art security and an improved user experience and design.

Ledger also launched the Ledger Live Mobile app, which allows Ledger Nano X users to manage secure transactions, install and uninstall apps, and check their real-time balances on the go. It will also enable Ledger Nano S users to check their balance in read-only mode. Ledger Live Mobile is available in the App Store and Google Play.

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