Introducing Bloom: Your window into the Web3 world

Bloom is a hub for managing your tokens and NFTs, discovering new dApps and optimising your DeFi portfolio. Bloom has been thoroughly tested and hardened during our Early Access phase. Now that we have completed a security audit and reached the next phase of our roadmap, it is time to release Bloom in full. Bloom 1.0 is now available to download on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Bloom is quickly becoming the wallet of choice for IOTA and Shimmer, providing the most comprehensive wallet experience in the ecosystem. Not only does Bloom combine IOTA and Shimmer in one beautifully designed wallet, but offers a range of other exciting features, from buying IOTA to adding your friends as contacts. To illustrate the differences between the different wallets in the ecosystem we have put together a simple comparison table.

New features

Last week we introduced the ability to buy IOTA in 160+ countries. With our 1.0 release, we have introduced additional helpful features including exporting your transaction history and automatic import of existing profiles.

Export Transaction History: Keeping a record of your transaction history for accounting and tax purposes is an important part of investing in cryptocurrency. To make it easier for users we have added the ability to export your transaction history in Bloom.

Import from Firefly: We have made it extremely simple to start using Bloom. You can now choose to import your existing profiles from Firefly. Install Bloom, begin the setup process, and opt to import your profiles. Bloom will take care of the rest.

Security audit completed

Bloom is a robust, battle-tested application and ready to become your primary wallet. Ahead of launch, Bloom has completed a comprehensive pen test and security audit with AuditOne. The team remediated all relevant findings. Fixes were reviewed by the auditors and confirmed as resolved.

What’s next on the roadmap

With the upcoming launch of IOTA EVM, we are expanding Bloom’s capabilities to support multiple EVM chains, including IOTA EVM, and later, Ethereum. We can’t wait to show you what else we have planned.

Now is the time to download Bloom and enjoy the future of Web3 wallets. Simply navigate to our official website to get started. We are sure you will love using Bloom as much as we do. Follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. Join our Discord to get involved with the community.

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