Introducing the IOTA Community Study

The full article was originally published by Tobias Mayer on Medium. Read the full article here.

I conducted a little study on the IOTA Community. I would like to share my findings today.

This medium post only is a brief overview over the study. You can download the findings here.

Some months ago, I had a discussion with members of the IOTA Foundation and other community members about how we can attract new people into the IOTA Community as one user was frustrated that there were not enough people working on the core protocol. One person suggested to focus on marketing while others pointed out that the protocol was far from marketable. This was discussed broadly, and someone noted that other projects were way more successful in attracting developers even though their fundamentals were way worse. Overall, projects like Tron (and others) do not really have a lot to show so far and yet a mind-blowing amount of people support it anyway.

What stuck with me was that everyone had a concrete idea on how we should tackle the problem. Despite, nobody had a clear picture on ‘who’ exactly is part of the IOTA Community and why people joined in the first place. Some months later, I had a similar discussion on the official discord where people emotionally argued to allow price speculation on the server again (The foundation decided a while ago that all price-related discussions do not have a place on their discord to create a more ‘professional environment’). It was argued that most community members discovered IOTA because of price speculation in 2017 and therefore, allowing this aspect of the project back onto the forum would help growing the community. While this is a very controversial topic within IOTA, again there is no relevant data so far which could be used to understand if price alone really is a growth-driver for the project.

In my opinion this is an actual problem. As IOTA is a decentralized open source project it is highly important to grow the number of people who contribute. I believe that it needs actionable data to achieve that! Therefore, I decided to create a little study which aims to provide this data. The main goal of this study is to get a better picture of the IOTA community and to clearly understand what drives their members.

The generated data is meant as one helpful building block for the development of a growth strategy for the IOTA community. (Please note, this study is not affiliated with the IOTA Foundation.) In brief, here is what I found:

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The full article was originally published by Tobias Mayer on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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