IOTA and Shimmer Governance Votes March 2024


Three new community proposals in the IOTA Governance Forum await your vote. Decide on the future of the Tangle Community Treasury, Grant Committee members, and the Committee Lead. Voting opens March 7th in Firefly or Bloom wallets.

Three new community proposals on the Tangle Community Treasury have passed the first two phases of the IOTA Governance Forum’s governance process. The next phase invites you to vote, which you can cast in your Firefly or Bloom wallet starting at 15:00 CET on Monday 11 March. IOTA and Shimmer token holders can vote on all proposals in both networks. Please read the proposals carefully before making your decisions!

Proposal [IGP-0002 / SGP-0007]

You can vote on whether or not the existing Tangle Community Treasury should continue for another year (from 01.04.2024 until 31.03.2025). The proposal asks for a new budget to finance the work of the Grant Committee in the amount of 22,216,844 SMR.

The proposal also includes updates to the specifications of the Tangle Community Treasury:.

  • If the proposal is accepted, the Tangle Community Treasury will exist for another year with the specifications and costs specified in the proposal.
  • If the proposal is declined, the Tangle Community Treasury will wind down, and the remaining funds from the 2023/2024 term will be returned to community wallets.

Proposal [IGP-0003 / SGP-0008]

If voters accept Proposal IGP-0002 / SGP-0007 mentioned above, a new Grant Committee will be established. Proposal IGP-0003 / SGP-0008 invites you to select four potential Grant Reviewers for the 2024/2025 term.

Proposal [IGP-0004 / SGP-0009]

If voters accept Proposal IGP-0002 / SGP-0007 mentioned above, a new Grant Committee Lead will serve the 2024/2025 term. Proposal IGP-0004 / SGP-0009 asks you to approve or decline the only candidate who has submitted a proposal to become the Program Lead for the 2024/2025 term.

Voting Timeline

The voting period begins on Monday 11 March at 15:00 CET with a seven-day pre-vote phase. This is followed by a seven-day counting phase. Phase Three of the voting period is expected to end on 25 March at 15:00 CET.

You can read more about how governance voting works in this Wiki article, while this User Guide to voting in Firefly will lead you through the process.

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