IOTA Appears at Chinese Government Blockchain Event

IOTA’s director of technology, Edward Greve, has attended a major blockchain summit in mainland China, arguably the biggest such gathering of the year. This has led IOTA buyers to speculate that IOTA may be able to gain ground in China. China remains one of the most active markets for blockchain, even though the trade of digital assets has been greatly restricted in recent years. IOTA seems a natural fit for China’s growing smart economy, one typified by the Internet of Things and large scale automation.

Not a lot of word has slipped out about what went down at the November 19-20 “2018 Blockchain New Economy Hangzhou Summit”. Much of this is due to the addresses being delivered in Chinese, with few translations available in the west. However, we do know that the Summit was sponsored by the Chinese government, not simply allowed by it. IOTA’s presence is, therefore, highly conspicuous, proving the Tangle distributed ledger technology is on the Chinese government’s radar.

Where China Stands Today With Blockchain Technology

IOTA Tangle
The IOTA Tangle distributed ledger system makes it ideal for Internet of Things (IoT)

If you’re an investor in blockchain assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and NEO (NEO), you might be forgiven for thinking that China hates blockchain. After all, these assets can scarcely by traded in China, and Chinese mainland blockchain companies have been significantly restricted in what they can actually do in the Chinese economy.

But this doesn’t mean that China doesn’t believe in blockchain. In fact, China is more active in blockchain than almost any other nation. President Xi Jinping has even spoken explicitly on the subject:

“A new generation of technology represented by artificial intelligence, quantum information, mobile communications, the internet of things, and blockchain is accelerating breakthrough applications.”

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