IOTA eyes North American expansion

IOTA, the Internet of things (IoT) distributed ledger project, has announced that it is stepping up its attempts to gain traction in the United States. The Berlin-based IOTA Foundation has already revealed several agreements with major companies like Bosch and Volkswagen, though so far most of these partners have roots in Western Europe.

Wilfried Pimenta, the IOTA foundation’s head of business development, has announced a new opening for a business development manager for North America. The role will be “based on the West Coast [of the] USA” and applicants are invited to “join our growing global and cross-industry team to shape radically new IoT-enabled markets and business models.

IOTA describes itself as the first open-source distributed ledger purpose-built to “power the future of the Internet of Things” with unique features like “feeless microtransactions and data integrity for machines.” Central to the IOTA’s technology is the Tangle, a data structure which interlinks individual transactions rather than storing them on a blockchain.

The foundation is now looking to “build up IOTA’s coverage of the North American market” while supporting “global stakeholders and partners based in the region.” Its business development department is tasked with “catalysing awareness in key geographies and industries” as well as “developing co-creation ecosystems to host future IOTA based innovation.”


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