IOTA is Another Technology Master, it will Bring the World Together! 

The world looks at IOTA (MIOTA) as one of the top cryptocurrencies but it is more than just a top digital asset. IOTA just like Ripple should earn much focus than what it is getting. The IOTA program is surely one to last for a long time with an aim to connect the different firms and technologies. It is one of those digital firms that do not come up with blockchain technology. IOTA has its own technology based on the concept of “Tangle”. This technology has pretty much potential to metamorphose innumerable firms.

IOTA has some goals and on which it is making some great progress. IOTA wants to secure the foundation protocol layer and wants the economy of things to be benefited by new information through research department. IOTA is looking forward to creating a production-ready software for the network and the partners, so they could use it and stretch their network further on. The digital firm wants to systematize the acquisition of the economy of things.

One of the industries which IOTA is exploring and influencing is the Automotive industry. The car industry’s conventional models are being challenged because the world is progressing so fast as we can see breakthroughs in technology, which has made vehicles to be more autonomous. IOTA will help the automotive industry to upgrade their technology and turn the vehicles into a digital platform, which will be helping the car industry to be much more innovative and attractive.

One of the very basic features which IOTA will bring to the automotive industry will be the permissionless mobility ecosystem. This will provide the users with zero cost payments, e-mobility, secure data transfer, and immutable data storage unlock the potential of connected. Recently, IOTA has been involved with Car vertical. In a tweet, Car vertical expressed that what they will bring up into the market with IOTA;


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