IOTA Micropayments Enable Worldwide Use of Lidbot

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The Lidbot sensor connected to the Internet of Things is not just a sensor. It is the smallest and most intelligent level sensor for solids and liquids currently available on the market. It is also based on the IOTATangle and its first batch was sold out after only 4 days.

The sensor was first released for commercial sale on 20.01.2020 and the first batch of the sensor was released for the industry at a reduced price.

The hardware device measures the level of waste bins in real-time and sends the data to the IOTA-Tangle. MIOTA micropayments are used to control Smart Contracts on the IOTA-Tangle. The decentralized waste management system receives the information and empties the full trash can on the next tour or directly takes care of the emptying.

This saves the otherwise standard planned tours along half-full or even empty waste bins and thus reduces costs for personnel and vehicle fleet in particular.

Token MIOTA pays in Smart Contracts

The Distributed Ledger Technology on the IOTA-Tangle ensures high scalability and thus mass market suitability with a high economic aspect. MIOTA micro payments then enable IoT devices such as the Lidbot Sensor to communicate with the network.

The rapid development and the resulting enthusiasm for the sensor began in Taipei City, more precisely in the Taiwanese capital’s city hall. There the presentation of the first Lidbot sensor takes place under the attentive eyes of 150 live stream observers.

In cooperation with the Tangle ID API of the long-time IOTA partner BiiLabs, the system sends a signal every 30 minutes from 18 sensors located throughout Taipei City Hall.

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The full article was originally published by the Cryptocurrency Consultant on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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