IOTA (MIOTA) addresses security concerns in Trinity wallet

IOTA (MIOTA) released their new Trinity wallet to beta, two weeks ago. The digital wallet was designed to “make transactions as simple and convenient as possible.” IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø described the project saying,

“a great demonstration of the Foundation and the community coming together” to “test, iterate and release this amazing piece of software.”

The IOTA community’s initial response to the project were glowing. An early tester enthusiastically described the wallet as “gorgeous and incredibly well made.” But in the course of beta testing, a few issues have piped up. These wrinkles (issues) need to be ironed out before the full release of the Trinity Wallet. IOTA was in the news recently for the demonstration of the proof-of-concept of distributing trusted vehicle software over-the-air with Volkswagen. This will be done via the IOTA Tangle. IOTA is currently the 9th largest cryptocurrency in the market.

The Trinity wallet is a cross platform mobile application which will serve as an alternative IOTA wallet for the community. It offers both a mobile application and a desktop version.

One of the developers of the IOTA foundation called Charlie Varley posted an update last night. The update on Reddit is to keep the community informed on the progress in the Trinity project.

Concerns in mobile security

Varley addresses the highest priority which he describes as “a number of minor security/privacy concerns.” It includes the “ability to screenshot seeds,” the “failure to hide seeds from the app thumbnail when minimised.” Additionally it also includes the inability to hide your IOTA balance “when displaying the QR code on the Receive page.” According to his post, all these issues have now been resolved.

A few testers had also reported issues with the mobile app’s memory, it used to reset suddenly. This particular occurrence though seems to be limited to the use of Field donation seeds on Android devices. Varley says that this problem comes from the “fixed maximum database entry size on Android.” This is then surpassed by “the large bundles for Field payouts.” He added that this issue also has been resolved.

The QR scan functionality has also been extended and is now available for “seed re-entry page during setup.” They’ve also added an option to share QR codes.

Desktop Bugs

IOTA’s Trinity wallet has a desktop version too. The main development work on the desktop version has been to fix bugs and ensuring proper syncing with mobile.

The desktop version of Trinity wallet now offers more features than Trinity Mobile. It also includes “a comprehensive transaction history search and filter function” according to Varley. It also includes a guide to making a strong password.

Before Trinity’s release, David Sønstebø boasted that it was the most user-friendly and secure wallet. He issued a challenge saying,

 “open to changing my opinion, every project out there to show me a better, more user friendly and secure wallet”.

These latest changes in the Trinity might get it on the way to achieving his vision.


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