IOTA (MIOTA) – Blockport adds Euro pair for IOTA: A win for IOTA’s long-term growth

Today, blockport announced that they were adding IOTA to their trading platform. Thanks to this listing, it will be possible for investors to buy and sell IOTA directly for Euros, without having to first go through bitcoin (BTC). This will add a significant amount to the volumes of IOTA (MIOTA) traded, and push up its demand. That’s because blockport recently reduced trading fees by 50% for people who hold at least 2.5 blockport tokens.

Fiat parings for IOTA (MIOTA) will play a huge role to its growth in the future. That’s because fiat pairs will slowly decouple the price of IOTA (MIOTA) in the future.  IOTA (MIOTA) probably has one of the biggest use cases in crypto space, and it is gaining in adoption.  For instance, it has made significant in-roads in the auto industry. It has gained partnerships with car manufacturers and also has a use case in allied industries like the car insurance industry. This is a use case that would push up IOTA (MIOTA) by a huge margin, if it weren’t tied too much to bitcoin (BTC).

IOTA’s market potential is also enhanced by the fact that it is based in Germany, one of the world’s leaders of industry. Most large industry leaders with a significant reach in Europe and the world are based in Germany. In essence, the fact that IOTA (MIOTA) has made in-roads in German industry, gives it a huge potential for growth, if more fiat gateways for accessing it come up.  Being based in Germany also gives IOTA a huge intrinsic value in terms of adoption due to Europe’s GDPR regulations.

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