IOTA [MIOTA] has the potential to become the new Global Automation Standard – Fujitsu

Rolf Werner, the Head of European Fujitsu enterprise made a remark on IOTA’s future in the Hannover Messe trade fair which is known as one of the world’s largest trade exhibition in the technology industry. Reportedly unlocking IOTA’s full benefits mean it would be soon recognized as the new global automation standard.

The emphasis was made on the world’s first Distributed Ledger Technology [DLT] that works on IOTA’s Tangle to enhance technology industry. IOTA’s latest project Tangle is decentralized and permits a peer-to-peer network that is devoid of blocks or mining tools. Secure data transfers can occur between digitalized devices through the new program, resulting in self-regulatory technological devices.

IOTA cryptocurrency runs on a feeless Direct Analogic Gateway [DAG] which is specialized for transactions between machines without human interaction. Fujitsu’s Intelliedge (Intelligent edge) software uses IOTA tech to observe and improve factory production line. This special functionality permits identifying each and every component in the factory as well the factory on a whole, which means all the individual components and the end product can be monitored.

With IOTA’s Tangle software technological industries like Fujitsu can overcome the general restrictions of distributed ledger technology.

Werner added:

“The new tech is energy efficient, offers feeless transactions and scales extremely well, making it well-suited to becoming the industry standard of automated systems and a wider machine-to-machine economy.”

Fujitsu and Bosch have collaborated with IBM in order to research and practically use IoT solutions in the automation technological industry.

Daphne, a Reddit user says:

“IOTA connects each and every piece of technology and lets them communicate with each other, creating a hive network. The tangle shall be revolutionary once mega industries implement the full potential of the gear. People are going to wake up and smell the IOTA soon.”

Garth, the minion a crypto-critic stated on a social forum:

“Why does it seem like ‘Skynet’ to me, machines interacting with each other to come up with solutions? Its far in the future but these industries will be controlling the fate of humanity. It’s a major concern since these so-called decentralized techs are under someone’s control right?”



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