IOTA & Paracosm Platform

Paracosm Platform is a huge and innovative project for dedicated gamers and true dreamers. It’s based on the IOTA technology: we build a manageable cross-reality platform, where anyone can create his own game universe – his own paracosm.

Why do we use IOTA? The kind of platform we develop has a set of crucial requirements for the DRT, and IOTA is the only solution in the world at the moment to satisfy them all:

  1. Scalability. Thanks to IOTA feeless microtransactions we can scale the platform to any size and data transaction volume.
  2. Physical 2 Digital and vice versa data transactions – IoT. We create cross-reality games, which require the Internet of Things solution to deliver necessary data to each participant at every moment of time.
  3. Decentralization. We see Paracosm Platform as an open-source and decentralized platform without any specialized validators/miners – and this requires a technology with true decentralization. Unsurprisingly, IOTA is the one.
  4. Strategic threats prevention: quantum computer. We build a platform that will extend its existence far in the future. And we already think of major threats that may appear in 3-5-10 years. Quantum computer is a big potential threat to almost all existing DLT technologies, but not for IOTA!

In terms of Paracosm Platform value for the IOTA community, it stands for the following:

  1. Paracosm Platform will be the first project to adopt the final IOTA protocol.
  2. Huge USE CASE for IOTA distributed registry technology: Paracosm Platform will unite a big number of our own games and other products as well as products from our partners and 3rd parties.
  3. IOTA community engagement in the Paracosm Platform development. As an example, we’ll offer an opportunity for IOTA-members to provide/lease their nodes for the Paracosm Platform operation.

In brief, these are the major technical and ideological reasons, why IOTA is in the basement of the cross-reality future that we build with Paracosm Platform.

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