IOTA: Tangle Tests Show Promising Results for Micropayments and Car Charging Stations

After five months of initial charging and payment tests, a group of researchers is ready to increase the scope of IOTA adoption in the Netherlands following “uplifting” study results, according to Invade.

Charging a Whole City

Since its inception, the Germany-based IOTA Foundation has experienced a strong draw to its protocol, with real-world use cases becoming a regular feature of the DAG-powered cryptocurrency’s narrative.

ElaadNL, a Dutch charging station and portable power manufacturer, took the reins in building IOTA-enabled car charging stations for the Netherlands–utilizing a miniature Tesla to simulate real-world scenarios.

In April, the ElaadNL test site was inaugurated by State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management, Stientje van Veldhoven, alongside a suite of additional charging outlets including a fast charger, battery and charging island.

The charge station serves as a proof-of-concept for displaying IOTA’s prowess in an administrative setting and is part of a broader plan to integrate the Tangle protocol into a city-wide network of interconnected machines and devices.

Harm van den Brink, IT Architect Smart Grids and DLT expert at ElaadNL, explained to Invade:

“No back office and no communication protocol are required to operate the charging station; the transactions are exchanged directly without the use of a charge card or subscription.”

Tangle’s Prowess

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For the uninitiated, Tangle is a DAG-based network that facilitates machine-to-machine interactions in real time–including feeless micropayments and secure data transfers between nodes.

The five-month test has provided definite and conclusive evidence for researchers to plug the chargers into an IOTA-powered smart network that is capable of dispatching information and sensitive data across a city-wide node system.

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