IOTA Teams Up With Tokeny

Unlocking Enterprise-Level Tokenization on IOTA EVM


IOTA has partnered with Tokeny to integrate their enterprise-level tokenization tech into IOTA EVM, enhancing on-chain compliance and control over token transactions and ensuring only qualified investors partake. This move will bolster enterprise tokenization and secure digital asset management within IOTA’s ecosystem.

For companies exploring the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), compliance with legal requirements like anti-money laundering and securities regulations is crucial. This adherence protects investors by ensuring transparency and fairness, maintains market integrity, and builds trust, which is vital for the sustainability of financial markets. Additionally, compliance allows companies to access critical financial services, maintain their reputation, and expand globally.

For this reason, we’re especially pleased to announce the integration of IOTA EVM and Tokeny, a leader in white-label tokenization platforms. This collaboration is set to enhance how enterprises leverage IOTA EVM by integrating Tokeny’s cutting-edge compliance technology for enterprise-level tokenization.

Integration at a Glance: Tokeny Meets IOTA EVM

IOTA EVM is designed to be a high-velocity, plug-and-play environment that supports the deployment and management of smart contracts seamlessly within the IOTA network. This environment leverages the core strengths of IOTA, making it an ideal platform for enterprises looking to innovate with tokenization solutions.

Tokeny brings its compliance infrastructure for digital assets to IOTA EVM. It uses the ERC-3643 open-source suite of smart contracts to facilitate the issuance, management, and transfer of permissioned tokens, integrating automated on-chain compliance checks to ensure that transactions are restricted to verified investors. This feature is critical for maintaining stringent compliance and allowing issuers to retain control over their tokens, including capabilities to freeze or recover them if necessary.

Leadership Insights

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny, remarked on the integration, saying, “This partnership aligns with our vision of enabling institutions to leverage desired network benefits. IOTA’s unique Layer 1 protocol architecture enables scalability and fee-less transactions. Our role is to facilitate rapid tokenization to accelerate adoption and meet evolving market demands.”

Dominik Schiener, our Co-Founder, also expressed his enthusiasm about this integration: “We are thrilled about Tokeny’s integration as it perfectly aligns with our mission to democratize access to tokenized RWA and financial instruments in our ecosystem. Tokeny stands out as the most advanced institutional-grade tokenization platform supporting market standard ERC-3643, poised to accelerate institutional tokenization on IOTA EVM.”

What This Means for You

If you’re an enterprise or developer looking to tokenize assets securely on IOTA EVM, our enhanced platform allows you to conduct large transactions with the assurance of automatic compliance checks, thanks to Tokeny.  This ensures interactions only with qualified investors and provides you with complete control over your digital assets.

This integration not only opens up new possibilities for managing and transferring your digital securities efficiently but also ensures that these processes meet stringent compliance standards. Whether you aim to issue, transfer, or manage digital assets, our enhanced IOTA EVM, bolstered by Tokeny’s technology, offers a robust foundation for your project.

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