IOTA Trinity Wallet Update – 30th April

Here’s this week’s update on the work completed by the Trinity team:


– Updated: Greater test coverage
– Updated: Additional translation strings
– Updated: Additional work on node quorum
– Updated: Minor code refactor
– Fixed: Missing snapshot transition error strings
– Fixed: Missing manual promotion error strings


– Updated: Adds greater translation coverage
– Updated: Improves manual promotion/rebroadcast UX
– Fixed: Random inactivity timer logouts
– Fixed: Ensures iOS jailbreak detection works correctly
– Fixed: Ensures Android root detection works correctly via Google SafetyNet
– Fixed: Disables auto node-switching
– Fixed: Incorrect version of IOTA logo used throughout app
– Fixed: Block QR scan, send max button and denomination change while sending
– Fixed: Missing commas in volume and market cap
– Fixed: Block tab switch and account change while snapshot transitioning
– Fixed: Bug where snapshot transition modal appears on completion
– Fixed: QR modal minimising when confirming permissions when adding an additional seed
– Fixed: Disable multi window view on Android (temporary)
– Fixed: Remove support for Android versions below 5.0
– New: Add custom node error when field is empty
– Fixed: Alert failing to show when scanning invalid seed QR code
– Fixed: Bugged progress bar when sending value transfer with fingerprint enabled
– Fixed: Remove unnecessary Android permissions
– Updated: Improves topbar UX
– Fixed: Dark status bar on light theme on iPhoneX
– Fixed: Occasional flash on manual refresh on iOS


– New: Native PoW on Windows
– Fixed: Ensure node switching functions correctly
– Updated: Update amount text input conversion to match mobile
– New: Begin UI overhaul

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