IOTA Tutorial 26.1 | Trinity Wallet Seed and Two-Factor AuthenticationTrinity Wallet Seed and Two-Factor Authentication

IOTA Tutorial

Trinity Wallet Seed and Two-Factor Authentication

In this video series different topics will be explained which will help you to understand IOTA. It is recommended to watch each video sequentially as I may refer to certain IOTA topics explained earlier.

In this video I will explain how to safely store a seed and how to setup a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in your Trinity wallet.

If you enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Trinity wallet and the Two-Factor Authenticator and the Trinity wallet are installed on the same mobile phone, this will NOT provide you with any additional security. Why? If a thief steals you mobile phone and your Trinity wallet password, this person has also access to the Two-Factor Authenticator. Which means 2FA in this situation does not provide you with any security. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) only provides additional security if the Trinity wallet and the Two-Factor Authenticator are installed on separate devices.

There is no desktop Google Authenticator available. You need to use another Two-Factor Authenticator.

Always write down your checksum! The checksum consists of three characters. You use the checksum to verify if you entered your seed correctly. Each seed generates a different checksum.

There are people who have created their seed manually, for example using dices, a bag with scrabble letters etc. They will not have a checksum. In this particular situation when setting up the Trinity wallet make sure the seed is entered correctly AND write down the checksum. After you have setup your wallet, select Settings, Account management and select View seed.

If you cannot access your Trinity wallet because you have lost your password or you have problems with the Two-Factor Authentication then there is only one solution:

  • First delete and reinstall the Trinity wallet.
  • Setup the Trinity wallet again by entering your backupped seed.
  • When you have entered your seed make sure the checksum is correct.
  • Enter a password to secure your Trinity wallet.
  • You can enter your old password or you can enter a new password. The password is only used to give you access to your wallet.
  • Now your Trinity wallet is setup and ready to use.

You can install the Trinity wallet on multiple mobile phones using the same seed and using different passwords or the same password. Each of these mobile phones will give you access to the same accounts and balance information because you use the same seed. But for security reasons I do not recommend that you install the Trinity wallet on multiple mobile phones, I just inform you that you can, in case you really need it.

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