IOTA Tutorial 3 | IOTA Seed

IOTA Tutorial


In this video series different topics will be explained which will help you to understand IOTA.
It is recommended to watch each video sequentially as I may refer to certain IOTA topics explained earlier.

An IOTA seed is 81 characters long and only consists of the latin alphabet characters and the number 9:
The characters A-Z are all upper case.
With the seed the IOTA wallet can generate corresponding addresses.
Each specific seed generate addresses belonging to the seed.

You can use the following methods to generate IOTA seeds:

  • Linux Operating System:
    Open a terminal and enter the following command:
    cat /dev/urandom |tr -dc A-Z9|head -c${1:-81}
  • Mac Operating System:
    Open a terminal and enter the following command:
    cat /dev/urandom |LC_ALL=C tr -dc ‘A-Z9’ | fold -w 81 | head -n 1

The function /dev/urandom creates cryptographically random numbers by gathering random data for example environmental noise (entropy) from device drivers, network packet timings and other sources into an entropy pool. The data from the entropy pool is used as input for the Cryptographically Secure PseudoRandom Number Generator (CSPRNG). This generator will generate the random numbers.

Urandom means unlimited random
On the Mac there is no difference between /dev/random and /dev/urandom, both behave identically.
On Linux systems there are differences between /dev/random and /dev/urandom.
In this presentation these differences will not be discussed.

  • You should NEVER create an IOTA seed by entering 81 characters (A-Z9) yourself on a keyboard.
  • You should NEVER create an IOTA seed using an web application while you are online.
  • You should NEVER use unknown IOTA seed generators.
  • Use the seed generators recommended by the official IOTA knowledge base

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