Is iota a good investment 2019?

Cryptocurrencies around Bitcoin and Ethereum are very trendy. Since prices for cryptocurrencies have risen steadily and private investors have become increasingly interested in this new IOTA investment opportunity, popularity and value have increased almost in parallel. If you consider that currencies of this type in the past served as online means of payment in the darknet, this development towards a coveted form of investment is phenomenal.

coinbaseBitcoin, Ethereum and Co. are even considered safer and more lucrative than gold today. Bitcoin and Ethereum are still the measure of all things here, but new digital currencies are constantly blowing the wind in the crypto scene. For example, with the cryptocurrency IOTA (ticker symbol MIOTA), there is now another competitor on the market that is certified to have high potential. Iota is by no means a freshman. Because this cryptocurrency was developed by the trio Dominik Schiener, David Andersebo and Serguei Popov in 2014 and launched on the market. In contrast to the other cryptocurrencies, a partially completely different approach is chosen here.

IOTA is conceived as a means of payment in the context of a kind of machine economy. Put simply, the most varied of technical devices are supposed to pay each other by Iota.

The basis of this business idea is the ever advancing digital networking. In a global context, this means that it will only be a matter of time before all of the machines, systems and equipment in an industrial production chain can be specifically linked to one another. Such a scenario is also called M2M (machine-to-machine relationships) in business.

In this regard, IOTA provides a cryptocurrency with which machines and systems pay for each other for services rendered. In addition, the machines can also purchase the services and goods they need independently. Machines will then communicate with other machines in a targeted manner (M2M) or build a relationship in order to be able to conclude or handle business independently. The Internet of Things will also come to the fore and will soon require or require its own payment system.

According to the vision of the founding triumvirate, the cryptocurrency IOTA is exactly the right solution for such a project. Because of this future development perspective, you can invest in IOTA today or buy IOTA now and skim it off later.

Innovative: Invest in IOTA – IOTA completely dispenses with blockchain technology

It should not be forgotten that IOTA also works from a technical or technological point of view according to completely different principles like the classic cryptocurrencies around Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.

Because if you want to buy IOTA, you will receive a digital currency that guarantees the safe and fast processing of the respective transaction, but without many of the common technical features.

Instead, you will find plenty of innovative ideas and concepts here that offer explicit differentiators. In particular, by not using a blockchain as a special security procedure, this cryptocurrency stands out vehemently from other models. Because if you want to invest in IOTA, you will receive a cryptocurrency in which the transactions are fundamentally linked.

This means that everyone who wants to buy or sell IOTA or send a corresponding transaction also automatically participates in the consensus. If you then design a new transaction, you must first verify two previous transactions.

How exactly the IOTA Tangle technology works can be read again on another German-language crypto site.


Investing in IOTA pays off: 425,000 euros became around 13 million euros in just a few months

This innovative or unorthodox conceptualization results in a significant advantage in the end result. Because the basic structure of a classic blockchain is a single chronological strand that permanently sets block on block. However, this then brings restrictions with you. The 10-minute interval (here: at Bitcoin) is particularly worth mentioning here. If you want to buy IOTA instead, you have the advantage that IOTA basically uses many strands and not just one strand. Just how profitable this cryptocurrency has been in this regard has been made by concluding a transaction in 2015 alone. Many customers wanted to invest in IOTA that year.

The founders designed a special pre-sale (ICO) in which currency units worth around 425,000 euros were sold. Just a few months later, the value of these units was around EUR 13 million. So it paid off to invest in IOTA.

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