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IOTA 2.0 Details on Current Status and Next Steps

TL;DR: We provide a detailed overview of the current status and next steps for IOTA 2.0. Current efforts mainly focus on optimizing the consensus and communication layer to make the protocol more efficient and less complex. Next steps involve implementation of active defenses and usability features such as local snapshots. IntroductionThe release of the DevNet for IOTA 2.0 marked one of the most important milestones in the IOTA Foundation’s history. For the very first time, we were not only able to demonstrate the ideas

Binance Has Completed the IOTA Token Migration to the Chrysalis Network

The full article was originally published by Binance. Read the full article here. Fellow Binancians, Binance has completed the IOTA (IOTA) token migration to the Chrysalis Network, and has also opened deposits and withdrawals for IOTA. Please note: IOTA deposits will require 1 block confirmation before being credited to user accounts. If an amount of IOTA is deposited to an account, a withdrawal restriction of the same USD value will be imposed on the account until 1 IOTA block confirmation has completed on the…

INATBA Report Showcases the Potential of IOTA and Other DLTs to Achieve the UN’s SDGs

Understanding the impact of distributed ledger technology on the Sustainable Development Goals and other social impact projects TL;DR: The report “Blockchain for Social Impact”, recently published by INATBA, demonstrates the potential of projects using IOTA and other DLTs to achieve the SDGs. The IOTA Foundation is excited to now be part of a new, INATBA-led initiative to develop a framework for social impact measurement among blockchain/DLT projects. In 2019, the IOTA Foundation became one of the founding members of the

IOTA Research Status Update September 2021

We are pleased to share the following update from our research groups. The department remains focused on improving the IOTA 2.0 protocol implementation on the DevNet. This month, our update introduces two new groups: the Consensus Group and the Communication Layer Group. The Consensus Group was formed to address the message propagation delay issue outlined in our July monthly update. Work on simulation and testing of our improved consensus mechanism has yielded good results so far. The Communication Layer Group, as the name…

EBSI – Building a Distributed Ledger Technology for Europe

The IOTA Foundation is one of the seven contractors selected to design innovative DLT solutions to enable more demanding pan-European blockchain services. TL;DR: The IOTA Foundation has been selected as one of 7 projects from 30+ applications, to participate in the first phase of the EU blockchain pre-commercial procurement process. This aims to design new DLT solutions to improve the scalability, energy efficiency and security of EBSI, a network of blockchain nodes across Europe. If selected for the next phase,

How I joined IOTA? But wait, no DeFi ? When DeFi?

New journey with IOTA — DeFi will be here soon Why IOTA will create the future in my thought Who am I? I would like to start with my own presentation about myself, before I tell you how I came here to the communty, I would like to introduce myself, usually an introduction is very personal, so I reduce that, still wanting to remain transparency as possible, so that I also represents me authentically in the best way. I have long thought about how I can participate in the IOTA community and how the community can get an…

Welcome Aleksei Korolev, Holger (Phylo), Matthew Maxwell, and Philipp Gackstatter to the IOTA Foundation

‌Aleksei KorolevAleksei joins the IOTA Ecosystem team as a Technical Writer. A Russian immigrant, he lives in Munich, Germany. As Aleksei was working as a tool programmer in the educational technology industry, he changed his career to writing documentation. Aleksei holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.A month before I joined IOTA, I knew distributed ledger technologies only in a form of cryptocurrency — and deemed it a mass lunacy, a tulip mania of today. I changed my mind since then: distributed ledgers are to…

Incentives to run an IOTA Node

TL;DR: Running a node on the IOTA Tangle and validating transactions allows users – whether businesses or individuals – the opportunity to use and benefit from the infrastructure without having to pay someone for it or asking for permission from third-party gatekeepers. It also ensures the infrastructure becomes stronger and more decentralized, which all participants benefit from, including any individual. What is a node?As with any other distributed ledger technology or blockchain, what makes the IOTA distributed

The IOTA Foundation Joins the Gaia-X Community

Building a federated infrastructure to host the next generation of data and services in EuropeWhat is Gaia-X, why does it exist, and how does it work?Gaia-X is an initiative driven by leading enterprises, research institutions, and the European public sector, aiming to enable secure, open, and sovereign use of data in Europe and beyond. Gaia-X is a federated infrastructure designed to host the next generation of interoperable data exchange and services. Infrastructure components include, but are not limited…

The Trust Machine – Part 3: Quadruple entry accounting

The Trust Machine — Part3: Quadruple entry accounting Designing humanities trust layer for the digital world In the last two parts of this series of blog posts, we discussed fundamental facts about DLTs and introduced the idea to use real world trust as a sybil-protection mechanism. In this part we are going to get a little bit more technical and discuss one of the key innovations of IOTA — the quadruple entry accounting (formerly known as the parallel reality based ledger state) — which forms the basis for IOTAs…

Attention all IOTA-holders: Your vote will control what happens to around 60 Ti (~ $50 mil.)

Attention all IOTA-holders: Your vote will control what happens to around 60 Ti (~ $50 mil.) — BUILD or BURN! A new age of community participation is about to start on the IOTA network. A decision has to be made about what will happen to a total of about 60 Terra-IOTA (= 60,000,000 MIOTA, currently worth around 50 million USD) that lie dormant on the IOTA 1.0 network. This decision will be made by YOU and the rest of the IOTA community. All token holders will be able to vote for this important decision directly inside their…

IOTA Research Symposium 2021

Sharing insights into the latest developments in IOTA research TL;DR: The IOTA Research Department recently hosted several of our academic partners for a symposium. The two-day event featured presentations from both external academics and internal members. This was a wonderful opportunity to share a broad overview of the current state of IOTA research. On July 30 and August 6, the IOTA Foundation held its first-ever Research Symposium. The two-day event featured presenters from both inside and outside the IOTA Foundation.

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