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You can automatically invest in #IOTA with #Bitpanda Savings! 💰 Buy in without the stress of trying to time the market when you setup a savings plan. 📈 If you haven’t started a plan yet, head to your Bitpanda account to get started! ⏩ #crypto
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#Hornet v0.4.0 is coming! This new version of node software will be a lot easier to install, manage & run, and will make the #IOTA network significantly more performant.
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In case you missed it: IEN Workshops - From MAM to Streams: #IOTA #DLT
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HelloIOTA Roundup 041: How IOTA will be used in company auditing.
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Congratulations to all the winners of the #Marketplace of Devices contest with @Hacksterio & @eClassStandard. Check out the 3 winning projects and the runner ups at You can still submit your projects to the #IOTA hub on the Hacks…
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Today's exchange rate report 📈 One MIOTA equals 0.2141 USD. #IOTA $IOTA #cryptocurrency #crypto
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Today's exchange rate report 📈 One MIOTA equals 0.2014 USD. #IOTA $IOTA #cryptocurrency #crypto
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Latest News

Integrating physical devices with IOTA

A beginners tutorial on integrating physical devices with the IOTA tangle using Python. Introduction This beginner’s tutorial is a simple, yet powerful demonstration of using the IOTA protocol for making payments and receiving services from a physical device. The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate how we can build a simple power circuit that can be switched ON/OFF based on the current balance of a given IOTA address. We will be using an internet connected Raspberry PI together with the Python programming language to…

IOTA Pearl-Diver (PoW) Core in VHDL für Raspberry Pi

Updates: 2018-05-17: It’s alive *muahaha* It’s working fine and reaching about 14.5MH/s2018-05-07: Some optimisations … Reaching 12.9MH/s on Altera DE12018-05-04: Installation instructions for Raspberry Pi added2018-05-03: Major core optimizations – reaching now about 12MH/s. Introduction IOTA PoW needs a lot of computational power which makes sending transactions on smaller microcontrollers (like ARM) very slow. One of the main reasons is that the innerst loop of Curl-P81 can’t be computed…

IOTA announces a new alliance

IOTA one of the projects that has great alliances with high level companies such as Volkswagen, Bosch Group and other technology institutions around the world announced a new alliance now with  MOBI  the  Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative. In the news published in the IOTA blog you can read the following: The IOTA Foundation (IOTA) joins Bosch, Groupe Renault, BMW, Ford, General Motors, ZF and other mobility and technology leaders of Distributed Led (DLT) to form a new consortium of the mobility industry that fosters the…

Welcome Dyrell Chapman to the IOTA Foundation

Dyrell Chapman is an Architectural Technologist and technology enthusiast currently working as the Chief Enterprise Architect at Geometric Energy Corporation. As a co-founder of the company he has been involved in the research and development of numerous projects. He graduated from his program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, and has been working at Geometric energy since its inception in June 2015. His primary focus at GEC is prototype development, technical documentation and feasibility analysis…

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