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Today's exchange rate report 📈 One MIOTA equals 0.2562 USD. #IOTA $IOTA #cryptocurrency #crypto
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#RT @iotatoken: IOTA Newsletter #16: Project Alvarium, Coordicide Update, Hub Update & FIWARE collaboration are some of the highlights of October. Read everything at:
#IOTA #IOTANewsletter
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In the long term, #Qubic will allow people to leverage world-wide unused computing capacity for a myriad of computational needs, all while helping to secure the #IOTA Tangle: an IOTA-based world supercomputer. #DLT #IoT #InternetOfThings
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#RT @iotatoken: Introducing A Public Research Forum so everybody can follow and participate in our research efforts. Read about it at
#IOTA #Research
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#RT @iotatoken: Wilfried Pimenta, our Director of Business Development, will be among the speakers at the AI & Blockchain Summit in the Smart City Expo World Congress. Nov 20 in #Barcelona. More information at
#IOTA @wilfriedpime…
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A new “consensus”: The Tangle Multiverse [Part 4] by Hans Moog. [...] this whole blog post is in no way “approved” by the #IOTA Foundation or in any way “massively researched”. It is a very new idea that most probably still has room for improvements [...].
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#IOTA Trinity - A Wallet for Everyone! Trinity protects you every step of the way, from setting up your wallet, to making safe transactions. Trinity on mobile & desktop offer the same features & security, so you are free to use whichever you are most comfortable with. #crypto
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Today's exchange rate report 📈 One MIOTA equals 0.2642 USD. #IOTA $IOTA #cryptocurrency #crypto
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#RT @iotatoken: The Untangled Podcast is coming back next week! Get ready to learn about Smart Wallets & the Future of Mobility in the first episode. Stay tuned for a season full of new IoTopics.
#IOTA #IOTAUntangled
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Hub enables exchanges to integrate #IOTA in less than 3 hours, just by connecting Hub to their existing trading platform! Read about the new features and how to integrated IOTA into a test exchange! @coinbase @krakenfx @bisonapp @BittrexExchange @Bitstamp

Latest News

Andreas Brekken proves he has no clue about the Internet of Things

I honestly hate this.Today, Andreas Brekken published what he considers being an IOTA review. The “article” mostly comprises an endless stream of screenshots showing how an obviously not-so-tech-savvy guy tries to compile and run an IOTA fullnode.At the end of his journey, he concludes, that IOTA won’t help the Internet of Things and adds a few more discrediting comments.Fortunately, all the article proves is, that Andreas has absolutely no clue about the Internet of Things.I’m not linking back to the very crappy…

How IOTA addresses are generated from seeds.

A seed and an address are both 81 trytes long. That means that in the best case every seed can map to a single unique address. Now factor in the fact that a single seed is used to generate any number of addresses and you can see that there must be an overlap taking place. However, the number of possible values for a seed/address is so ridiculously high (27⁸¹) that the chances of accidentally overlapping addresses are vanishingly small when using random seeds. And this is where the special case comes in: the algorithm…

Announcing the IOTA Ecosystem

The pace of innovation and development surrounding the IOTA Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) continues to accelerate. The time has come to give our growing community a home. Today we are excited to announce the launch of the IOTA Ecosystem!The IOTA Ecosystem will be a platform to house the community of developers, startups, hobbyists and initiatives all over the world working towards the distributed and decentralized future we all aspire to create (think, but for open-source DLT applications built…

The Tangle: an illustrated introduction 2

Part 2: transaction rates, latency, and random walks In the previous article in the series, we introduced the IOTA tangle as a data structure. We also learned about tips, and the importance of choosing a good tip selection algorithm. Today we will learn about transaction rates and network latency, and the role they play in determining the shape of the tangle. We will also learn about the unweighted random walk, which will be further developed next week. In last week’s simulation, you may have noticed that transactions are…

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