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#RT @iotatoken: Dear community in #Italy – Join Antonio Nardella, our Community Manager, & the IOTA Community for the 3rd MeetUp in Rome! The event is sponsored by @ThingsLabTech & @Teleconsys. Oct 30 at 3PM CEST.
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$IOTA & $BUSD trading are now live on #Binance US! 📈 Operated by BAM Trading Services based in San Francisco, Binance US provides a fast, secure and reliable platform to buy #IOTA legally through a regulated United States exchange.
Get started ⏩ #crypto
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Developers - To get going with #IOTA you don't need to download the whole Tangle or run your own node. You can interact with the public Mainnet or you can use the Devnet that IOTA setup for developers like you. The main way to communicate with the Tangles is via API calls. #DLT
19 hours ago
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#DLT provides new capabilities for improving driving safety and affordability, supporting autonomous and electric vehicle development and infrastructure, fostering ride and car-sharing applications, and connecting mobility participants in a new peer-to-peer ecosystem. #IOTA #MOBI
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#RT @iotatoken: We are thrilled to announce that @BinanceAmerica has included us in its family of digital assets! For the first time, Americans have a dedicated (and easy) way to engage with and acquire the #IOTA Token. More Info: …
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Last call to get your #Ledger Nano X #ToTheMoon Edition! The #IOTA compatible Ledger Nano X is a Bluetooth enabled device that stores your private keys in a certified secure element. 🔒 Order before it's too late. Free worldwide shipping. #crypto 🚀🌔
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Environmental protection, product identity, security and trust with Deposy - "With #Deposy we want to redefine the value of avoiding plastic waste. Through the security of the system and the unique product identity, we want to create trust [...]" #IOTA
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#RT @iotatoken: Developers community – Read now the update on the technical development work with +CityxChange that aims to enable #smartcities & check the expected roadmap for the remainder of the project!
#IOTA @plusCities
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"TangleMesh as a 3rd layer application (TaaS)": "[...] This is a voucher service with which user experience friendly vouchers can be created. [...]" #IOTA
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Latest News

Flash Channels Competition & Statistics

Last month we released the Flash Channels demo and more recently the specialised Micro-payments demo. These demos showcased instant streaming of IOTA tokens in a secure, off-tangle state channels. This technology enables special use cases of IOTA which require sub-second token exchanges among one or more partners. The technology of Flash Channels enables a number of interesting new payment interactions. Never before was it possible to have instant and fee-less value transfer. A perfect example is exchanging tokens in…

IOTA Mixer v1 Released

The IOTA mixer mentioned in my post ‘Research on Private Transactions in IOTA’ is now running on the testnet. You can try it out with your testnet funds here. The mixer is the first application aiming to improve the anonymity and fungibility of IOTA. As mentioned in the above post, as with most cryptocurrencies, IOTA’s ledger is transparent by design. This means that all transactional data can be viewed on a website like the IOTA Tangle Explorer. While Masked Authentication Messaging may be used to encrypt messages sent…

GUI Wallet: Phase Two of the Reclaim process

Two weeks ago we released an update to our GUI wallet so that users could begin with the reclaim process. The reclaim process was necessary for all users whose tokens were moved to an IOTA Foundation owned address as part of precautionary measures.Today, we are releasing a new wallet containing the functionality for the second phase of reclaim process. As part of this process, you’ll publish a PGP encrypted message containing your old seed to the tangle which we’ll then use to verify & send you your tokens.If your…

IOTA Simulations: First Preview to the Community

Over the last few months the IOTA Team has been working on a computer simulation framework of the Tangle. The intention of this simulation framework is to first and foremost, generate and examine different Tangle environments under different conditions. These simulations help us to further improve and optimize the IOTA Tangle itself, but to also show the resiliency of the Tangle against attacks or to study new potential attacks. With the IOTA Foundation officially being set up, we intend to take this research to the…

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