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#Binance Adds Margin Trading for #IOTA. Binance’s Margin Trading platform has added the following asset and trading pairs: New Margin Assets: IOTA | New Borrowable Assets: IOTA | New Margin Pairs: IOTA/BTC, IOTA/USDT
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The first IOTA magazin in german is available! Pre-order your exclusive #IOTA magazine now!
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IOTA has so far enabled millions of micropayments and it is getting more! #IOTA #coordicide
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Today's exchange rate report 📈 One MIOTA equals 0.2586 USD. #IOTA $IOTA #cryptocurrency #crypto
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#IOTA: "Beyond #Blockchain to deep dive into how distributed ledger technology can help build the future of #IoT" with IOTA Co-Founder Dominik Schiener. Images by PwC Luxembourg. #DLT #Cryptopwc #PwC
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To prevent the possibility of a Classroom Attack qubics post results to the Tangle in two separate transactions: a commit transaction, followed by a reveal transaction. In the commit transaction, the quorum result will be determined without revealing the actual result. #IOTA #DLT
18 hours ago
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Treat your seed as if it were the only key to your safe. Whoever holds the key has direct access to the contents of the safe. There is a common English idiom that says possession is 9/10ths of the law. In #IOTA possession is the law! Secure your seed now:
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#RT @iotatoken: IoT blurs the line between the real world & the digital world. Listen to the interview with @RaysOfTech from the White Paper Center & Serguei Popov, our hard-core mathematician. Learn about his story with #IOTA and how the Tangle enab…

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IOTA: possible BOSCH usecases

IOTA: possible BOSCH usecases As we have seen already, BOSCH Venture Capital has bought a “significant amount of IOTA tokens”. Although “a bigger unveil (one of the IOTA partnerships)” at the CES had been postponed, it was still interesting to watch BOSCH’s tweets from their press conference: This article tries to show why IOTA’s technology perfectly fits in the company’s plans. Note: This has not been confirmed by the IOTA Foundation, it’s just my own thoughts so please consider it as such.The overall situation Bosch is…

IOTA Tangle: Introductory overview of white paper for Beginners

IOTA Tangle Graph from Welcome Hello blockchainer! Today’s topic is an enhanced mutation of blockchain — The Tangle of IOTA. This post serves as a very beginner-level overview of the crypto with 9th largest market cap , IOTA. All the graphs and contents are fully credit to IOTA’s white paper. Update: A speech with topic of IOTA Tangle and Cryptographic Vulnerabilities, delivered by two friends of mine (Alan Yip and Martin Shin) and me, is ready on Youtube: IOTA Tangle and Cryptographic…

Official IOTA Foundation Response to the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab — Part 4…

4. Vulnerabilities Found in the IOTA Hash Function DCI’s claim:“Once the Digital Currency Initiative published the break in IOTA’s curl hash function, its author, Sergey Ivancheglo, offered two conflicting explanations for the vulnerability. The first explanation was that the flaw was intentional — that it was meant to serve as a form of “copy protection.” If anyone used this code in their own work, he said, the IOTA developers would be able to exploit the flaw and damage other systems that were using the hash function.…

Official IOTA Foundation Response to the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab — Part 3…

2. IOTA Protocol Security and Tangle Reliability DCI’s claim:“Whether or not IOTA’s ledger is “tamper-proof,” the entire IOTA network went down in November, and was completely inoperable for about three days. That this has never happened in Bitcoin or Ethereum suggests the extent to which the IOTA network relies on the “coordinator” — a single point of failure — and is not truly decentralized.” The referenced shut down actually took place in October and was related to an attack on the network which would have resulted in…

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