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Today's exchange rate report 📈 One MIOTA equals 0.3679 USD. #IOTA $IOTA #cryptocurrency #crypto
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In our last survey of the #IOTACommunity Technical Feedback, we would like to know your opinion about #IOTA's architecture, implementation, and existing documentation. Your answers will help us create a better developer-friendly experience!
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Want to understand how #IOTA is being used to support #SmartEnergy? Join us for a talk w/ Wilfried Pimenta, Head of Nordics & other leading industry experts at the #IoT Summer Breakfast - Kyrkviken Runt Livestream. Tomorrow at 8AM CEST. Link to the event:
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RT @IENofficial: We aim to build bridges between companies developing the IoT world and @iotatoken. In our next @IENofficial talk with @xdkprm1 (@Bosch_BCDS) we will learn more about The universal programmable IoT sensor platform XDK and its ecosystem. J…
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Today's exchange rate report 📈 One MIOTA equals 0.3778 USD. #IOTA $IOTA #cryptocurrency #crypto
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The #EDAGCityBot uses the #IOTA token for its digital payment system. "With this open-source software, it's possible for the 1st time ever for people & machines to exchange payments & data directly w/ each other, w/out an intermediate platform & w/out ad…
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The #IOTA Experience Teams aims to open up a feedback loop between our internal development teams and our amazing community. X-Teams is part of our new usability initiatives to make the protocol even easier to use! Read about the #XTeams and get involved…
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Latest News

Sign-up for the webinar on May 22nd: Learn how IOTA and

Sign-up for the webinar on May 22nd: Learn how IOTA and will enable smart sensors and secure telemetry data in global supply, a leading IoT (Internet of Things) location platform provider and the IOTA Foundation, will collaborate to integrate IOTA’s next generation distributed ledger technology with’s location platform. The integration will enable tamper-proof and chargeable readings of smart sensor data. This will equip healthcare operators and supply chain firms which monitor…

Why IOTA could change how patient health data is used?

The reason why we developed the open source IOTA Xamarin chat app Chiota At PACT Care, we have created the healthcare chatbot Florence, a virtual health assistant tool available at popular messaging platforms (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack). Through this assistant, users can, for example, ask questions about a health topic, create reminders for their medication or track their weight stats. All these interactions create a significant amount of patient-generated health data (PGHD) that can be very useful to share with…

IOTA Foundation is officially sponsoring the Blockchain for Peace Innovation Alliance

The 2018 Symposium "NextTech Peacekeeping" was held by Germany and built upon the momentum and resulting initiatives from the three prior symposia: “Awareness, Protection, Innovation” (hosted by Korea in 2016), “Innovation and Next-Generation Peacekeeping” (hosted by Austria in 2015), and “Exploring New Partnerships” (hosted by Italy in 2014).The event attracted over 180 in attendance: senior-level military and civilian representatives from Member States, delegates from academia, research institutions, and other United…

IOTA Trinity Wallet Update – 21st May

Here's this week's update:Shared:Updated: Additional translation strings Updated: Add node sync check before sending transfers Updated: Add additional alert when waiting for other transfers to confirm Updated: Add additional alert when funds are detected at spent addresses Updated: Add additional spentFrom validation check prior to sending a transfer Fixed: Refine account syncing to accommodate better for out of sync nodes Fixed: Display an alert if auto-promotion fails due to lack of remote PoW…

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