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Setting up an #IOTA Full Node on a VPS is very cheap and easy to do, but you find little to no time to familiarize yourself with the setup process? The IEN Full Nodes set-up Squad will help you! Read more: #IOTA #DLT #IOTAstrong
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Accessible, Affordable & Sustainable Connected Mobility - Anne Smith, Head of Mobility & Automotive, describes our work with car manufacturers to use #IOTA as the trusted layer to process data & financial transactions generated by connected #mobility.
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New #HelloIOTA Roundup: #IOTA related news plus Pollen explanatory video !


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New Ledger Nano X Promotion🤩 Get 20% off a Ledger Nano X and vote for #IOTA at Ledger’s Coin League! 🪙Promo-Code: Coinleague-IOTA
Free worldwide shipping!📦

$IOTA $MIOTA #crypto #cryptocurreny #cryptocurrencies #security #tech #dlt #Ledger
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RT @IENofficial: Today at 7PM CEST: Business development and trends in the Smart City space. #IENTalks with @wilfriedpimenta . Follow it live here:
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European philanthropy has mobilized over US$1.1B to equip hospitals, fund healthcare & support partners impacted by #COVID. Dr Michele Nati & Florian Doebler explain how #IOTA uses its technology & approach to tackle societal challenges. @EFAfundassn
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Today's exchange rate report 📈 One MIOTA equals 0.2292 USD. #IOTA $IOTA #cryptocurrency #crypto
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IOTA and the Department of Informatics at UiO, #Norway's largest university, join forces to research #DigitalTrust and the #Tangle. We're excited to see @UniOslo also joining the @Tangle_EE Working Group! #IOTA
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Brands generally face high costs & complexity to prepare and run digital Ads. The #IOTACommunity Project of this week simplifies that process: an IOTA Insta App in which you can design the advertisement, make the payment & instantly publish the Ad. …
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Latest News

IOTA partners with ITIC

We’re happy to be able to announce that after getting Joachim Taiber as advisor to the IOTA Foundation, that we’ve now officially partnered with the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC), to collaborate with them to work on autonomous vehicle testbeds. In this blog post, we’ll delve a bit deeper into what we’re doing here, that further fosters the IOTA ecosystem, but also goes beyond distributed ledgers alone.Powering the future of Mobility Testbeds enable the incubation of cutting-edge technology, so…

Welcome Oliver Mulherin to the IOTA Foundation

Oliver Mulherin is an software developer with experience in the Internet-of-Things(IoT) space. His work has primarily focused on developing industrial solutions using both software and hardware, additionally has experience with artificial intelligence and the simulation of complex systems. Oliver holds a bachelor’s degree in Computing and Software Systems from the University of Melbourne. While at university Oliver worked on AI projects ranging from general game playing to language detection using LSTMs. His work in the…

2017 in review, 2018 in preview

It would be impossible to list every one of the milestones, significant events or other achievements that took place in the IOTA cosmos this year. However, here is a nonexhaustive cheatsheet of some noteworthy things that transpired in 2017.2017 has been an incredibly eventful year for the IOTA project. Milestones have been reached, records breached, and numerous new people have joined the team. There has been an explosive growth in our community and independent projects utilizing IOTA. A metric that captures…

Claims and Reclaims: Finalization

Background During an attack on the IOTA network in October, some funds were found to be at risk of theft, due to users re-using their private keys. The IOTA team took the decision to protect IOTA token holders by taking those funds which were at risk into temporary custody through a snapshot. Once the attack was stopped, the team worked on setting up a process for reclaiming the funds, and sending them back to the rightful owners. This process of receiving and validating the claims has been understandably complicated and…

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