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Today's exchange rate report 📈 One MIOTA equals 0.3679 USD. #IOTA $IOTA #cryptocurrency #crypto
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In our last survey of the #IOTACommunity Technical Feedback, we would like to know your opinion about #IOTA's architecture, implementation, and existing documentation. Your answers will help us create a better developer-friendly experience!
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Want to understand how #IOTA is being used to support #SmartEnergy? Join us for a talk w/ Wilfried Pimenta, Head of Nordics & other leading industry experts at the #IoT Summer Breakfast - Kyrkviken Runt Livestream. Tomorrow at 8AM CEST. Link to the event:
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RT @IENofficial: We aim to build bridges between companies developing the IoT world and @iotatoken. In our next @IENofficial talk with @xdkprm1 (@Bosch_BCDS) we will learn more about The universal programmable IoT sensor platform XDK and its ecosystem. J…
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Today's exchange rate report 📈 One MIOTA equals 0.3778 USD. #IOTA $IOTA #cryptocurrency #crypto
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The #EDAGCityBot uses the #IOTA token for its digital payment system. "With this open-source software, it's possible for the 1st time ever for people & machines to exchange payments & data directly w/ each other, w/out an intermediate platform & w/out ad…
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The #IOTA Experience Teams aims to open up a feedback loop between our internal development teams and our amazing community. X-Teams is part of our new usability initiatives to make the protocol even easier to use! Read about the #XTeams and get involved…
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IoT ONE Academy publishes IOTA courses for managers (English Version) in cooperation with IOTA…

IoT One Academy publishes IOTA courses for managers (English Version) in cooperation with IOTA FoundationToday, the IoT ONE ACADEMY has published the IOTA courses for managers in English language in close cooperation with the IOTA Foundation headquartered in Berlin.These courses are specifically designed for managers, consultants, strategy managers, c-level managers, and decision-makers with no technical or developer background. The content has been carefully conducted between IoT ONE ACADEMY and IOTA Foundation and…

Welcome José Manuel Cantera to the IOTA Foundation

José Manuel Cantera is joining IOTA as Tech Analyst & Project Lead of the Market Adoption team. In this role, José will focus on developing innovation and collaboration projects leveraging IOTA technologies, particularly, in the area of Global Trade and Supply Chains. He will also keep an eye on standardization and public funding opportunities.José lives in Valladolid, Spain and has been in the technology sector for over twenty years. He has worked as a software engineer, technical product manager and evangelist…

Can blockchain technology help to monitor water distribution securely

Water is an essential ingredient in our life. Almost all lifeforms need it to exist and to survive — especially humans. We need it to grow plants, to drink it, to clean things, and many more. In our day to day life, water is always available, thus we often forget how important it is. However, there are many regions in the world with no working water supply. People are forced to use contaminated water from improvised wells or rivers. Fortunately, several organizations try to support these regions and developing countries by…

Dev Status Update — July, 2020

Dev Status Update — July, 2020Published by the IOTA dev team every month, this update will provide you with news and updates about our key projects! Please click here if you want to see the last status update.The research department is also releasing a monthly update that you might want to see. Chrysalis Chrysalis (also known as IOTA 1.5) is the Mainnet’s intermediate stage before Coordicide is complete. You can read more about the strategy for releasing Chrysalis here.Both Bee and Hornet teams are currently…

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