MIM Status Update

on Discord:

Yesterday we received several reports about missing balances from wallets. After the initial triaging and investigation, we found first signs of a coordinated attack, primarily targeting 40 GI+ accounts, either by having knowledge of the seed or by utilizing another form of exploit. This lead to the decision to stop the Coordinator and pause value transfers in the network. (After all, the COO is specifically in place as a security measure.)

We are continuing to investigate all attack vectors and patterns and are working with the affected users to gather more information. At this moment, there is no indication of a protocol breach of any kind. We also have no indication that users using a hardware wallet are affected.

We are in contact with law enforcement and with exchanges to track the funds and will continue public updates during the ongoing investigation. As an exploit within Trinity is not completely ruled out, we ask all users to not open Trinity on any Operating System.

If you recognize that your balance is affected, please contact Dave [IF]#3333 ( @Dave [IF] ) on the IOTA Discord directly (https://discord.iota.org/). Please be aware that there are unfortunately imposters posing as IOTA Foundation personnel active on our Discord. Therefore it is important that you contact only the verified point of contact listed above.

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