Official Statement Regarding the MIT DCI Email Leaks

The full article was originally published by the IOTA Foundation on Medium. Read the full article here.

Next Steps

We have spent much more time than we intended to on discussing this issue ad nauseum, and we would like to put it to bed. However, we can’t do that without help from the DCI team. To that end, we propose the following:

  • We hereby formally request DCI to complete the proper disclosure protocols: we call on Ethan, Neha and their team to release any and all code, documentation, research, etc., they have developed in conjunction with their findings.
  • If DCI are unable or unwilling to release all of the aforementioned documents, we call on them to retract their report fully and issue a brief apology, after which we will drop the subject entirely with no harm done.
  • If DCI do clarify and disclose their results fully, and a substantial and legitimate vulnerability is found, we will happily eat a slice of humble pie. We will own up to our mistake and apologize for it, thank them for helping us to improve the IOTA protocol, and reiterate our offer of a bounty reward as a token of our gratitude.

We remain 100% committed to transparency with our community, and we continue to welcome discussion of the issues raised by the DCI team in a thoughtful and constructive manner. While 9 out of 10 social media posts on the topic contain well-thought-out discussion points, it is the remaining 1 out of 10 which is both the most uncouth and the most publicized. For the sake of the entire DLT space, we hope that these discussions will not dissolve into internet “flame wars,” and that we can stay somewhere within the realm of intelligent discussion.

The full article was originally published by  the IOTA Foundation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read the full article here.

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