Pollen Testnet v0.2.2 release note

The full article was originally published by the IOTA Foundation on Medium. Read the full article here.

Pollen Testnet v0.2.2 Release Notes

As we mentioned in our first blog post on the release of Pollen, the first IOTA 2.0 Testnet, our goal is to publish more consistent updates in order to iterate as fast as possible. Below please find the release notes for Pollen v0.2.2!

Improved message and transaction validation:

  • Adjusted max transaction inputs count.
  • Added signature validation before issuance.
  • Enforced max message size in message factory.

Improved API:

  • Changed granularity of spammer API to accept messages per minute.
  • Added API middleware and set CORS to allow from every origin.
  • Added sendTransactionByJSON to allow a client to issue transactions by providing them in a JSON format.
  • Added tool API endpoint to facilitate the debug of the solidification status.

Improved synchronization process:

  • Refactored message requester to be more reliable.
  • Improved solidification process.
  • Refactored workerpool management.
  • Replaced the bootstrap plugin with the more secure and reliable beacon plugin.

Improved analysis-server dashboard:

  • Added the ability to distinguish between different GoShimmer node versions.
  • Refactored the interaction between backend and frontend.
  • Improved consensus visualization.
  • Improved dashboard tooling.

Local Grafana dashboard:

  • Added messages in database chart (solid, not solid, total).
  • Added average solidification time chart.
  • Added message request queue size chart.


A special thanks goes to our community member Dr-Electron for his work on ElectricShimmer: a new community-based GUI for the Pollen cli-wallet. You can find it here: https://github.com/Dr-Electron/ElectricShimmer.

We also thank all of our community for their precious feedback that enabled us to improve the Pollen testnet with this new minor release.

You can read more about the three phases of IOTA 2.0 that will reflect significant milestones and testnet releases leading up to Coordicide here.

As always, we welcome your comments and questions either here on Medium or in the #tanglemath channel on our Discord. You can also join in the #goshimmer-discussion on Discord.

The full article was originally published by  the IOTA Foundation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read the full article here.

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