RRCC NFT Utility

The Rusty Robot Country Club is a safe haven for all us Rusty Rejects and at the centre of the community are the Rusty Robot NFTs. The first collection sale in the IOTA ecosystem, the OG RRCC NFTs launched in February 2022 with the Main Collection sale going live on the 27th October 2023 on Shimmer EVM.

Rusty Robots are first and foremost a sign of community inclusion within the RRCC. With your RRCC NFT you are a part of a worldwide collective of like-minded individuals focusing on creative community culture. That being said, these bots pack a whole lotta punch when it comes to the future of the ecosystem.

Without an RRCC NFT you won’t be able to participate in A LOT of things.

Rusty Robot Utility

Access to $RUST token

With $RUST token being integral to the RRCC ecosystem, NFT holders will have access to the token through airdrops and early access fair launch. Without an NFT the only way to gain access to $RUST is through the secondary market. With an NFT and $RUST you can do anything and everything in the ecosystem.

Exclusive NFT Staking Pools

Growth is important. With the initial $RUST airdrops and fair launch out of the way NFT holders will benefit greatly from the addition of special NFT holder Staking Pools that can provide NFT holders with greater rewards over time such as 2x and 10x pools on ShimmerSea DEX.

Exclusive NFT Collectibles

From music release to comics to royalty rewards and beyond as the RRCC grows, so too will its collectibles. Each with its own value and utility, NFT holders will gain first access to the ever-evolving world of the RRCC. With OG gaining super early access and main collection holders gaining early access to any future releases from the RRCC, Rusty Records, and Rusty Comics.

Community Governance

Community is at the centre of the creative culture at the RRCC and rather than focus on a token-based governance system that can be whale dominated over time, we will launch towards an NFT based governance where holders can vote using their NFTs on many aspects of the project, from feature updates, music and comic releases, new partnerships, and more. The RRCC is about the community working with creators to build the future of web 3.0 creativity.

RRCC Ecosystem Fund

The RRCC ecosystem fund is about building a strong creative ecosystem. This will be used to support upcoming independent artists, musicians, and creators to build the foundations towards a successful career in creativity. NFT holders will be able to support and propose artists and creators for support from the RRCC through the ecosystem fund, and in return will gain early access to releases, opportunities with royalty rewards, special artists experiences, and a whole lot more.

Music Royalty Rewards

The Royalty Rewards are a big thing in the future of the web 3.0 music space, and NFT holders have a front row seat on all royalty reward opportunities. Not only this, but all NFT holders are also automatically eligible for royalty rewards from in-house Rusty Robot Records artists and releases such as Rusty Rejects, Rusty Remixes, Rusty Vibes, and any other official RRCC releases.

Exclusive Merch & Phygitals

No more public RRCC merch! Only exclusive NFT holder merch will ever be released. This means no NFT, no sick tee! NFT holders will also gain early access to public merch sales from artists and comic series, as well as opportunities to get on board with limited edition Phygital releases such as NFT linked collectibles like comics, caps, vinyl collectibles and more.

Rusty Robot NFTs are way more than just a status symbol. They are the entry point to the entire world of the RRCC, the $RUST economy, and a badge of support for the independent creative community. NFT holders gain access to community led project developments and it will be the community who decides and benefits from future updates and releases. RRCC NFT holders will be the foundation of the RRCC.

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