Saúl Ameliach talks about IOTA LATINO and IOTA TANGLE technology

IOTA LATINO is an organization that aims to spread the IOTA TANGLE Technology throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and in this way create a community that works in each country of our region to spread and make known this technology in order to support the IOTA FOUNDATION to make it a global standard for the Internet of things and the economy of M2M machines . We are convinced that IOTA will soon be the backbone of the Internet of things.

This organization was formed at the end of 2017, seeing the great potential of the new DLT technologies and specifically IOTA TANGLE . Unlike the other DLT technologies, it does not use miners and by not having to pay the miners for their work, then the transactions are free and since it is free then it is capable of processing micro payments, which can not be done with the other existing DLT technologies.

For example, if someone wanted to buy a newspaper article made by a recognized newspaper and that said item only costs 0.2 dollars, then there will be no electronic means of payment that can be made only IOTA may be able to make that transaction, since said transaction will be free.

This is one of the great advantages that this technology has to become a standard for payments of transactions on the internet especially micro payments, which is perfectly suited to the economy of M2M machines (Machine to Machine) In the future not very Far away, I personally think that all this will happen in the next decade 2020-2030, the machines will be able to interact alone and they will be able to make transactions between them paying those transactions with IOTAS which can be done due to the ability of this technology to be able to make free transactions There is no charge to spend money from one wallet to another because of the foregoing of not using miners.

Advantages of IOTA – Tangle

When a transaction is made with IOTA, the intervening devices will validate said transaction as a miner, thus all the devices involved in the process will be part of the confirmation of the network transactions, for example if a device makes a transaction with IOTA using the TANGLE , that device must confirm two previous transactions in this way all participate.

Another great advantage of this technology is the scalability, as more devices participate in the faster network is done, which the other DLT technologies do not.

In general, having more transactions in the slower network is done, but in the case of IOTA it works the other way around, this is because TANGLE is a DLT technology , but different from the BLOCKCHAIN , instead of using chains and blocks uses something called Acrylic Directed Grafo in DAG (DIrected Aciclic Graph) , which makes the network behave like a school of fish instead of a chain of blocks.

IOTA – Tangle “The future of the Internet of Things”

For this feature, IOTA TANGLE will become not only the standard for online payment of things and the economy of machines, but it will be the standard for storing data quickly and guaranteeing the immutability of information.

Information that is stored in the TANGLE can never be modified, therefore one of the most important things in the IOTis the guarantee and the security of the information, that is to say that when a machine or person requires a data, be sure that the Data or information is 100% reliable. The TANGLE guarantees the integrity of the data.

In addition to all this, this technology is proof of quantum attacks, which makes it special for the IOT , since until now quantum computers are only in development, but in a few years especially the next decade if they exist and insurance will begin to massify The only DLT technology that is currently prepared for quantum attacks is only IOTA TANGLE , so if everything that this technology offers is analyzed and compared with the existing ones, it could be concluded that there is no such thing today. to this and therefore everything indicates that the success of IOTAin the coming years will be unstoppable .

For these reasons IOTA LATINO , has prepared together with its team to begin this year 2019 to disseminate throughout Latin America and the Caribbean all about this technology so that people, companies and institutions of the state will learn and take this technology from now.

For this we will be doing lectures, meetings, conferences, workshops etc. We will be meeting with universities, technological institutions, etc. In order to promote the adoption of IOTA TANGLE and thus promote the creation of applications and proofs of concepts that will energize a whole movement around this technology.

The next decade 2020? 2030 will be the decade of the internet of things, everything will be connected to the internet, factories will be intelligent what is known as factories 4.0 , products that are manufactured as appliances, regulatory vehicles, valves, sensors, TV, kitchen equipment, equipment of sounds, etc. they will have a connection to the internet and therefore, they should search for these devices to speak the same language, have a reliable site where information can be stored in a secure and immutable manner, and that can also make transactions between them and be able to market information and data. therefore be able to pay for these data and make micro payments etc. and for all this is IOTA TANGLE.

We want to make a call to all those people, companies and institutions of Latin America that want to participate in the Iota Community of Latin America to register in the IOTA LATINO portal, ( in order to make that great leap in the region and to be able to create the iota Latino network (RIL) or in English Iota Latino Network (ILN), in this way we will be working more united and we will be able to support each other, exchange ideas and knowledge.

Our IOTA LATINO organization , will initially be a support for those who do not know about this technology can learn from it and develop projects.

We in our organization intend to help the IOTA FOUNDATION in Germany to deploy all the knowledge of its technology in this region of the world called Latin America.

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