Spacebit and Lockheed Martin are Gold Sponsors of the Moon Village Association

Spacebit is an innovative decentralised space company developed by a strong team of renowned professionals. The company aims to democratise access to space by efficiently tokenizing major commercial space projects. It enables individuals to effectively take part in space programs, encouraging growth in the industry and reaping the benefits that follow. Spacebit is offering a way to democratise space exploration, releasing the control of the space industry from governments and powerful conglomerates, and utilizing the power of the public masses to incite growth in the industry.Spacebit utilizes distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) to effectively distribute cryptographically secure digital information to develop a self-sufficient record system for executing transactions, managingsupply chains, and more. This technology can revolutionize the space industry’s ability to facilitateenhanced communications, timing, and positioning. Using DLTs also grants the industry an intrinsically efficacious method of acquiring funds directly from the public. By democratising the programming and funding, government bureaucracy is completely bypassed, leading to more efficient innovation in the space industry.

The enterprise has teamed up with various organizations, including Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station. Spacebit, in partnership with Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station, is developing a decentralised ground station scheduling system to be launched within the next few months. Presently, the system is in beta testing phase using a DLT platform. The scheduling system envisions to create an effective model that offers access to low-Earth and deep space communication. Moreover, the interactive models have been created to reduce the barrier to entry, promote dialogue between multiple industries, and open new commercial opportunities. Spacebit also plans to use IOTA and Qubic for IoT networks of multiple space vehicles and future SATCOM implementations for climate monitoring on Earth as well as in space for geospatial and lunarspatial data transfer.

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