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Crypto Finance Group x Shimmer

First Regulated Custody and Brokerage Provider for SMR TL;DR: Crypto Finance Group is the first prudentially regulated custody and brokerage provider supporting SMR, the native token of the Shimmer network. Following the successful

IOTA Identity is Coming to Layer 1

Explore IOTA Identity on Shimmer NowTL;DR: The upcoming Stardust upgrade of IOTA enables IOTA Identity to come to Layer 1 of the network. The new implementation marks a major upgrade over the previous data method as it enables

Shimmer Network and Token Launch

A Multi-Chain Future on a Feeless DAG TL;DR: After more than two months of battle testing the Shimmer Beta version, today sees the official launch of the Shimmer network. Shimmer extends the DAG ledger with a composable tokenization

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