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Year in review, year in preview

Year in review 2018 kicked off in the midst of a crypto craze reminiscent of the dotCom one almost 2 decades ago; the grand promise and vast potential of distributed ledger technology had finally started to reach the mainstream and…

Mixing Time in The Tangle

When my 8 year old twin nieces asked me what I do at my new job, I told them a story: “Imagine you meet a person who is traveling through the whole world. If he told you he started traveling an hour ago, you’d guess he started in the same…

Introducing the Omega Team

Even with bleeding edge technology such as IOTA, we must balance the need for innovation, with the need to pursue standardisation and operationalisation of more developed streams. The concept of bimodal IT has become increasingly popular in…

What is DAG Distributed Ledger Technology?

DLT, DAO, dAPP, ASIC, PoS, P2P, PoW. Is the future of decentralised systems all alphabet soup and acronyms? It seems so. If you haven’t added ‘DAG’ to your list, you’re going to want to.DAG DLT Let’s start with DLT, as in ‘Distributed…

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